Above is the painting Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull. At 12′ x 18′ it is the size of the footprint of my original office.

Yes, you’ve seen it before. An engraving of it is on the reverse of the $2 bill. The event which it purports to capture was also noted by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich.

There, after noting history altering decisions by Lincoln, Socrates’ and Gen. Robert E. Lee, Napoleon Hill gives considerable treatment to those depicted by this master mind.

[T]he greatest decision of all time, as far as any American citizen is concerned, was reached in Philadelphia, July 4, 1776, when fifty-six men signed their names to a document, which they well knew would bring freedom to all Americans, or leave every one of the fifty-six hanging from a gallows! (Emphasis in original text.)

Yet, Napoleon Hill doesn’t leave it at that. He steps back to note that 22 months earlier an even more important decision occured on … September 5, 1974.

Remember this date. It is more important than July 4, 1776. If there had been no DECISION to hold a Continental Congress, there could have been no signing of the Declaration of Independence. (Emphasis as to “DECISION” in original text.)

Now, I will admit that the first couple of times I read Napoleon Hill’s historical accounts here, I did not find myself all that engaged.

It is clear to me now that the reason for this is that I wasn’t yet dialed into what Napoleon Hill was seeking to convey.

The Master Mind not only gave the first few people involved in planning ideas, but it also allowed them to amplify each other’s support for the cause that they shared.

With that level of confidence, they were able to make a decision … which importantly they adhered to as to their actions.

I’m also struck by the fact that a solid decision appears to open up the opportunity for additional decisions.

True, one of the omnipresent decisions available to people is to quit. I can’t tell you how many times this has been my thought too.

As I have indicated a number of times, there is a considerable portion of the work that I don’t enjoy … and I felt that what I was doing was meaningless.

Now, on the verge of moving on from everything that I have done, I realize that I need not and should not throw the baby out with the boundary dispute law bath water.

Instead, I have DECIDED to open a second blog. I will seek to still assist clients to sort out their real property issues.

But, I feel duty bound to at least attempt to demonstrate to them in the majority of situations – and certainly those in which they think that Justice is simply going to fall in their lap – that they ought to reconsider and instead seek to reinvent themselves.

I figure if I have these two blogs going, I will be able to exercise the demons I encounter working with and for people by means of BoundaryDisputeLaw.com and I will be able to think positively about life in an effort to help both myself and others by developing content for BoundaryBreakthrough.com.

In this way, I will be able to retain my stated, albeit seemingly saccharine purpose:


Yes, my heart remains set on securing the job which will be the best match at Tableau Software.

No, I can not quit my vision. It’s just too important!

Believe me, if I could shake this calling, I would have a long time ago.

It’s time for me to really get to work. We have a messy world that needs to be placed in order.

Neighbor law is nothing less than war writ small and nobody can truly afford a war with their neighbor … even if they think they can. Sincerely.

Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaration_of_Independence_(Trumbull)#/media/File:Declaration_of_Independence_(1819),_by_John_Trumbull.jpg