Now that I have crawled out of Plato’s Cave – or out from under the rock of the practice of boundary dispute law – to get my bearings in the “blinding sun,” I have decided it worthwhile to do a series about my impressions of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

I have a couple of reasons for doing so. First, I want to be able to understand this information as best as I can, so I can move forward to “rejoin humanity.”

Second, I want to document this moment so that if I ever feel doubtful about what I am doing again and imagine throwing in the towel, I’ll know that instead of using burning desire to propel a forward path, I may instead find myself immobilized by the flames of hell.

Amazingly, there can be friendly lawsuits in this area of law. This is akin to an amicable divorce. Much the same as a divorce, it may be realized that the matter is strictly a legal issue. Instead of needing the court’s help to sever the marital knot, help is needed redrawing the neighbor’s line.

This not the most common experience. Most often, boundary disputes are the “external manifestation of an internal problem.”

Helping steer people out of their personal hells in which they projected the worst – and not self-recognized parts of themselves – upon that of their neighbor … and vice versa is the spy v. spy world in which I operated.

[As an aside to self, my work in this arena was the emotional equivalent of the intellectual equivalent I was advised when I went the second time to China by my mentor who stated: “International business is like James Bond without a gun.”]

The emotional reality is that the DMZ – even though insignificant to others – is as intense as a firestorm.

Here, I recall that as a child I had wanted to be a fireman and though I didn’t enter into the normative definition of this profession, it appears that I did back into exactly what I wanted … and have been scorched on more than just a few occasions as a result.

The work has been an intellectual challenge, but more importantly the work has allowed me to forge an unshakeable emotional fortitude that I simply did not previously have.

Was the decade a loss? With one exception, I can say unequivocally: “NO.” I have found the reserves not only to survive but thrive.

What’s that one exception though? It has been that I have been preoccupied as my children have done most of their growing up. That is the one thing I most regret, but regret is just another way to sit down within the flames and just allow oneself to be overcome. Absolutely nothing good can come from it.

I am currently involved in the simultaneous process of winding down my practice and with a few of the embers, I will flame my newly directed passion.

On the back of my business card, I had wrote my purpose as:

To Promote Peace Among Neighbors So They May Seek To Join The Lucky Few Who Can Love Their Family, Their Friends And All Other People Of The Earth.

That is a rather lofty goal. One which is rather saccharine too. But, it is the goal I was able to find in the pit of hell as a way of justifying my life instead of determining to live out the remainder of my days screaming the words of Ecclesiastes: “Meaningless, Meaningless, Utterly Meaningless, … Everything is Meaningless.”

So then, has that purpose changed? Well, though I am confident that I will wordsmith it again as I gain increasing clarity as to my target. But no, the overall message remains.

Though I have been working in my nano-niche which is “war writ small,” the world requires my understanding of the deep corridors of hell AND the ability to identify the commonality of those on the other side of the line through the unique experience of living and working deep oversees, in order to foster prosperity and peace.

For the past couple of decades we have been engaged in a ever worsening political cycle to the point that we seem to have lost almost all of our ability to engage in robust, albeit civil, discussion.

But as we in America burn, not only are we losing influence with the rest of the West – which is not in good shape either – the Eastern Star of China is ascending.

How are we going to peacefully going to integrate the best of bost worlds? That’s got to be a huge part of my mission. We fail to get that right and sooner or later … we will all burn!

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