justice-smiles-green-large.pngBig game next Sunday. For those folks who will be out on the gridiron, for what is likely the majority of their lives, they have likely been asked: How Bad Do You Want It?

It’s quite likely that many of them want it pretty-darn bad. So much so that if it were legal to do so, they might even pay several 10s of thousands of dollars to “buy” sufficient yardage to win.

How about you? Are you willing to butt heads with your neighbor over a few yards repeatedly so that you can win?

Putting it into this perspective, doesn’t it just seem like it would be worthwhile to do your best to figure out what the law is regarding a boundary dispute and come to a reasonable result – even if it requires some compromise?

The reality is that there is not much glory to be had should you “win” a boundary dispute. And while you may feel that coming to a compromise is not ideal, very often attempting to get everything, will result in a yield of nothing.

It’s true that this life does has important contests. Of course we have contrived contests too. So ask yourself: Is a trivial, contrived contest worth it?

For those who would rather not put on a helmet (or at least hope not to have to do so) in a boundary dispute, Justice Smiles will attempt to reason with your neighbor for the betterment of all concerned.justice-smiles-green.png