Thank you for taking some valuable time from your schedule to review this law blog.

If you are at all like the majority of those who have previously engaged Justice Smiles, pllc (“Justice Smiles”), you are anxious about a negative situation which is or could possibly unfold with your neighbor.

From this day forward, you have a choice. You can choose whether or not to engage your neighbor in a spirited battle over boundaries.

Justice Smiles will help you determine the likely legal outcome in a “money is no object”, pure merit-based assessment.

Additionally, Justice Smiles will help you craft the best strategy in recognition that “money is no object” is probably neither your reality nor that of your neighbors.

Beyond this, Justice Smiles helps you engage your neighbor in a “conversation” – whether by negotiation, mediation, or through the courts – to reconcile boundaries of decency, privacy, safety, self-expression, aesthetics, and other uses and abuses of real property.

Notably, a surveyor’s opinion as to the proper property boundary does not address these other boundary questions as to how you will interact with respect for and toward your neighbors … and them toward you.

These other boundary questions are generally the drivers of boundary disputes. Justice Smiles’ hard fought experience understands this all too well.

So, if you recognize through your frustration, anger, and fear that indeed these other boundary questions are the problems which need to be resolved, Justice Smiles welcomes your contact and is ready to help.