Elements are generally regarded as basic principles or fundamental parts of something. Abstractly we might think of the letters of the alphabet as the elements of a word. Words then become the ‘parts of speech’ used to compose a sentence. Groupings of sentences are used to create paragraphs and then chapters and then books and

Self help is the concept that one takes matters into their own hands … and gets them nice and dirty!

Generally, self-help will occur when owners of real property believe certain real property is theirs and they then take some sort of action to clarify that understanding.

What follows often is a call by an

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If you are at all like the majority of those who have previously engaged Justice Smiles, pllc (“Justice Smiles”), you are anxious about a negative situation which is or could possibly unfold with your neighbor.

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The public is misinformed as to what it purchases when seeking to have “boundary surveys.” Surveyors identify LINES OF RECORD TITLE.

This is where the theoretical line of ownership as identified by a legal description is opined by the surveyor to meet the ground.

Yet, while lines of record title may coincide with the boundary

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Can I pose a theoretical question to you? Let’s say I had been living/camping on another’s property in Washington state (Whidbey Island, theoretically…), and the neighbor’s knew about it and

If choosing only a fence or a retaining wall, which would serve to better prove adverse possession? In the above photo we have both. There is what appears (at least from this side) to be a 4 – 5 foot fence in the background. In the foreground is a retaining wall of roughly 1.5 feet

Last night I had a discussion with someone who I almost instantly regarded as a friend. At one point during our conversation, we talked about these trees in the picture. Notably, these two trees are located in the planter’s strip in front of my house. More notable yet are the difference in the size of

Running with the Land is an important “term of art” in real estate law. It means that all takers of the property after (or in legal speak: subsequent to) the current owner(s) must abide by the terms created by the original owner(s).

These subsequent takers may – and often are – specified as ‘all representatives,