Yesterday evening and all day today, I have been live-streaming “The Art of Goal Achieving” by the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

So far, it’s been a spectacular presentation … and we are not even half of the way into it.

It’s been extremely thought provoking for me. So, I wanted to share some thoughts and decided to find an image to focus upon.

While I was originally thinking of something with a target, I found the image above and knew that it will work well.

It is a quote by Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to summit Mount Everest followed it would seem only moments later by his Sherpa and friend, Tenzin Nogay.

They succeeded on May 29, 1953 after two previous attempts in the two years preceding failed.

I look at these three sunlit peaks and I imagine that the first on the left and middle can be analogized to their first initial tries and the one on the right is the final success.

The reason for this is because even though they failed twice before, within failure is the seed of success.

When defined this way, failure isn’t bad. It’s simply an attempt that didn’t yield success … yet!

But each attempt serves as a means of getting closer to one’s dreams.

Then of course, there is the quote. This is the essence of the program being put on by Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, et al.

It’s the inner game that is at play and the external environment is just a reflection of the success you are having in that “inner game.”

Now, looking at this from the perspective of boundary dispute law, it makes so much more sense.

I’ve been on to something all along. Why?

Well, because for the longest time, I have realized that whenever there is a conflict between neighbors at least one party and in the worst cases both are experiencing …

“An external manifestation of an internal problem.”

That’s a line I have been saying for years.

So, then as the attorney, I have been charged to take care of a situation that has been at least a decade in the making.

Now, I prefer to sort things out diplomatically if at all possible.

The alternative of litigating against a neighbor for “Five Blades of Grass” has always seemed like that old saying about the Vietnam war:

“We had to destroy the village, to save the village.”

I never felt good about doing that type of work. I didn’t feel that I was making a positive contribution.

The result often would be that I just could not bring myself to putting together the accounting an presenting the bill.

In my mind, the work was unjustifiable.

Well, the reality is that sometimes you do need to stand up against someone who is trying to bully you, but be certain that you can do it if that is going to be your attempt.

Now is that something that I will be able to help you with? The answer is, only in a very limited way.

If you want to have an attorney who really knows this area of law to help you decide if it is even worth considering, I will readily help.

But, I am not going to prosecute cases for people. That’s something in my past now. I’ll refer you to someone who can do the job appropriately.

So, instead of focusing on the legal work of doing boundary dispute law. I am now seeking to help people conduct the work to do boundary breakthroughs.

As someone who has made some transitions in my life before, I look at these three peaks and think.

Oh right, the one on the left is me as a “China Hand”; the one in the middle is me as a “Boundary Dispute Attorney”; and the third one.

One for which I have just recently decided to ascend is helping myself and others to make a “Boundary Breakthrough.”

Wonderfully, I believe that I am going to soon be working for and with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

There are a lot of signs of serendipity which demonstrate this to me.

The most pronounced is that I received a follow-up message scheduling a morning call tomorrow with the man who I had signed up for this live stream and the Bob Proctor Coaching seminar – Arash Vossoughi.

I think that I was likely his first sale of this year because, I wanted to get to get on board as soon as I could in 2019 and I received a call at 10:00 AM on the first day of business – January 2nd.

Now, when I compare that to the reception that I received recently from another company who didn’t seem to care 2¢ about whether or not I could provide value and I think you can be darn sure which company is the one that I have a higher regard for in my heart.

So far the program has made me realize that I have allowed my head – which is highly self-judgment due to paradigms I gained in childhood – to veto that which my heart demands.

I must say, I have learned a lot as a result. I also probably wouldn’t be as ready to freely take this leap of faith into a realm that seems – at least from a rational POV to be so opaque – but my heart is ready.

I have always wanted to help people. And to be able to use my creativity, my developed intellect- just as lawyer Sandy Gallagher is doing with hers – and my heart to make money at the same time … now that is really a great way to live.

I will never have the time back. I not only lament that, I have deep seated grief. But, I think that somehow it all has come together for this one point in time and space.

If at all possible, I will soon be helping you and others to get a vivid look at their dreams and get on the chase after them.

Arash, I’m really looking forward to your call. Let’s begin. Cheers!

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