Today, I sent out an application for employment. Just one. I’ve found that this works best.

I applied to only two colleges. One for which I wasn’t serious, but rather because I was encouraged by a friend. I got into both. I went to Colorado College.

For law school, again I applied to just one – Seattle University.

When I returned from working in China, I applied myself in just one job – boundary dispute law.

By contrast, I have also taken jobs just to take a job. That’s meaningless! About 3/4 of the working population doesn’t enjoy their work. That stinks!

I stayed too long in a job which had not only gone stale for me, but that is generally a pretty toxic environment and had consumed far more emotional energy than it was worth.

The positive part is that I learned what it really takes to go on a learning deep dive.

That’s knowledge that can be applied in other arenas. I have a particular arena in mind.

That arena is to secure on the job training so that I can bring my ideas about depicting the law graphically to full fruition.

It’s been over five years since I wrote my two articles detailing my thoughts [HERE] and [HERE].

I looked back over my resume and it was hard to imagine how much I have accomplished over that period – especially the articles published in the King County Bar Bulletin.

But, it is clear that this came at a cost. Where was I for my family at the time. At least for me, I find that being the boss means that I was not able to fully disengage from work.

Well, it’s Friday night on the shortest day of 2018 here in the northern hemisphere.

I hope that I come out of the gates and land the job I applied to right away.

But, if I don’t I’ll find something that still will serve to pull me forward.

I’m looking forward to rejoining the work world.

But, I will never again allow myself to lose sight of the ultimate purpose that I have before me.

This is to democratize the law by giving it visual representation so that the legal fiction that people know the law becomes really fake … people will actually know the law. No fiction!

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