justice-smiles-gold-large.pngAs we sing Auld Lang Syne, I expect to be with family thinking about the good things in life. Family, Friends, and perhaps even the Seven Saintly Virtues which I plan to learn more about in the new year through Pastor Sanford “Sandy” Brown’s pulpit messages commencing January 23 at First Church.

Separately, my thoughts might turn to Seattle’s Graphic Artists Guild’s upcoming Graphic Novel workshop on February 5th. I also have a number of thoughts for and about University Rotary. Yet, through this I think my thoughts will turn to a few simple questions asked in the book “The 1 Hour Plan for Growth” by Joe Calhoon which my sister gave to me for Christmas.

Before becoming too much more involved in the community, am I able to positively answer the following: “First, [am I] the kind of husband [I] want to be? … Secondly, [am I] the kind of father [I] want to be? … Lastly, [am I] the kind of neighbor [I] want to be? … [No?] Well, then don’t worry about your community, it’s people like [me] that screw it up in the first place.” Ouch!!!

I hope to post out some New Year’s Resolutions early in 2011, before I have had a chance to break them. Happy New Year! Be safe!justice-smiles-gold.png