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Is Adverse Possession Fundamentally Wrong?

People often get the impression from friends or relatives involved in land fights that adverse possession is fundamentally wrong. End Adverse Possession Now has done its best to further this point of view. Yet, how do I come down on this question? Impartially, adverse possession is both fundamentally right AND at present fundamentally flawed. As such, the … Continue Reading

3, 2, 1 – BLAST OFF: Seahawks; BDLB; & Upcoming Public Comment on HB 1026 to the House Judiciary Committee

#3 Blast Off – On Saturday (2011.01.08), my father, brother, son and I witnessed a sporting event which is only topped in my mind by one other – The Miracle on Ice. Here though, the Seattle Seahawks, despite their losing record, were crowned the champions of the NFC West after beating St. Louis in the final game of the … Continue Reading

Seattle Times Article: State Reaches Deal on Bainbridge Liveaboards

Although I have much more basic content to post first, I find myself compelled to at least pose a few question regarding Seattle Time’s reporter Jonathan Martin’s article titled: State reaches deal on Bainbridge liveaboards. The story is best encapsulated in the following quote: The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the city of Bainbridge Island inked … Continue Reading

Hello 2011

Today is the first day of the 2011 work week. The resolutions that my family and I have made for ourselves and each other are: (1) Be On Time; and (2) Do Not Fight. Both are difficult but not insurmountable. Here are some thoughts about each and why together they are incredibly important. Of course to get there, you must … Continue Reading

Goodbye 2010

As we sing Auld Lang Syne, I expect to be with family thinking about the good things in life. Family, Friends, and perhaps even the Seven Saintly Virtues which I plan to learn more about in the new year through Pastor Sanford “Sandy” Brown’s pulpit messages commencing January 23 at First Church. Separately, my thoughts might … Continue Reading

Washington’s Budget Woes MAY Create Opportunity for Land Owners with Encroachments on Public Lands

Governor Gregoire announced her proposed plan for balancing the biennium budget today. The Seattle Times’ Andrew Garber reports this story in full here.  Yet, the story is perhaps best captured by the following quote contained within it: Overall, the proposed budget closes a projected $4.6 billion shortfall in the next two-year budget — which runs through June 2013 — … Continue Reading

Holiday Neighborliness May Avert Future Boundary Disputes

Today is the first day of December. Let the spirit of the holidays fill the air! It’s time to deck the halls with boughs of holly … fa-la-la-la-laa; la-la-la-la. It’s time to honor your financial giving pledges and otherwise get your accounts in order, so that you don’t have to render unto Caesar more than … Continue Reading