orange-big.pngA question was recently posed on the King County Bar Association’s list serve that may be relevant to others in the future. So, I have decided to memorialize the recommendation in this post.

The question was simply: “Does anyone have a recommendation for an Aerial Surveyor?” The initial answer, which incidentally came from well north of Seattle and even Everett and which was locally seconded was: Walker.

Well, it appears that “Walker and Associates, Seattle, Washington, Founded in 1953” is now  AeroMetric Engineering, Inc of Sheboygan Wisconsin.

Aerometric’s website, which you can find here, is very impressive. I should hope not so impressive that it means that Aerometic is so far out of league that only corporate and governmental clients need present their service inquiries.

But if this is the reality, perhaps there are other very good aerial surveyors which would (also) like to be recognized for the assistance that they offer to domestic owners of considerable land

  • Continental Mapping Consultants of Portland, OR is another great provider of aerial mapping services (imagery, lidar, satellite data, etc) to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

  • Greetings,

    Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. is a full service photogrammetry and geospatial data provider. Staff at our Portland, Oregon office have provided professional support, historical imagery research, photo analysis, historical progression mapping, and expert testimony for boundary disputes, adverse possession cases, and similar litigation. We serve the Pacific NW from Portland and through our collaboration with our other offices, we provide mapping services anywhere in the country.