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Anderson v. Hudak – Case Review

I abhor the practice of pleading in the alternative because it turns a trial into a “try-all.” That stated, Anderson v. Hudak is a case which gives me pause to consider the validity of “complimentary pleading.” The background facts of this case are fairly simple. In 1960, Aline Anderson had her parcel of 270′ X … Continue Reading

Thompson v. Schlittenhart – Case Review

Some boundary dispute cases involve a little bit more than the parties’ contrary claims of adverse possession and quiet title to the recorded real property. No, sometimes the professionals can make bank by engaging in a contest in which one of them will ultimately end up the butt of the joke. [1] That’s what happened … Continue Reading

Thompson v. Schlittenhart, 47 Wn.App. 209, 734 P.2d 48 (1987) – Grantors’ Intent

Thompson v. Schlittenhart, 47 Wn.App. 209, 734 P.2d 48 (Div. I, 1987.03.18) – [Cause No: 17041-4-I] – upholds (a King County [Superior] Trial Court decision regarding a quiet title matter brought by Thompsons against the Schlittenharts who unsuccessfully claimed adverse possession to legal descriptions which overlap. Facts: General: Land Type: City/Suburban Water Feature: Not Specified … Continue Reading

Common Grantor

Common Grantor is a doctrine used in land subdivision situations which basically suggests that the way that the land is actually used is more indicative of ownership than that which is recorded between the original, full parcel owner (i.e. grantor) and the subdivided parcel purchaser (i.e. grantee). As a general vignette of boundary dispute law, this suggests that it is not so much … Continue Reading