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Lloyd v. Montecucco: Projecting Property Lines Along Land is Fine; Into Tidal Waters is a Different Story

Lloyd v. Montecuco, 83 Wn. App. 846 (Div. II 1996) is a waterfront case which helps to identify the extent to which definitive (boundary) lines must be demonstrated in order to achieve adverse possession. The case is informative with respect to adversely possessed property boundaries both on land and out into the water. Background Facts: … Continue Reading

Embracing Graphic Legal Designs

 I had all set to post out one second into the New Year. I thought it would be fun to show the art work that I had asked the kid’s to do while waiting for me to complete a few year end tasks in the office. Good news was that all I needed to do … Continue Reading

What is Reliction?

Above is shot I took last weekend during a visit to the MOHAI before they start packing up for their new location. “Museum of History & Industry, #83.10.10,325 – Opening on Montlake Cut, August 26, 1916” is reproduced here at the express permission of MOHAI’s librarian Carolyn Marr. It offers an excellent means of explaining the term reliction. … Continue Reading