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Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington Conference

Non-Combative Dispute Resolution Speech Outline Anecdote #1 – Twin Sisters Anecdote #2 – Concrete Pad Mending Wall by Robert Frost  – Mutual Recognition and Acquiescence Elements of Adverse Possession Open & Notorious Hostile & Exclusive Continuous for Statutory Period (of 10 years per RCW 4.16.020) Problems with Court: Costs Prohibitively Expensive – An Access to … Continue Reading

The Practical Boundary LIne

In his 2008 book titled The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services, futurist Richard Susskind in no less than two places speaks of a future in which legal consumers benefit from ‘a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of an ambulance at the bottom of it.’  No, no this concept doesn’t … Continue Reading

The Retirement of UW Professor Julia Gold

University of Washington’s Mediation Clinic Director Professor Julia Gold is retiring. I wish Julia the very best. Just over two years ago I went to the 2013 mediation and arbitration conference which Julia co-chaired with two others: Kathy Kline and Nancy Highness. This conference was one of the most intellectually stimulating environments. Fortunately while there, I … Continue Reading

Game Theory and the Art of Settlement Redux

Earlier this month I wrote a post titled Game Theory and the Art of Settlement. Well, this morning I took a few moments to open up the September 3rd – 9th 2011 paper edition of The Economist and discovered an article within “The Economist Technology Quarterly” called Game theory in practice on page 19 [of that insert]. After indicating … Continue Reading