Dear Prospective Neighbor –

My family and I look forward to having a positive relationship with you.

Feel free to stop over and say hello. If you go forward with plans to purchase …

We hope not to be strangers to each other, but want to respect your privacy.

We understand there will be times

Yesterday morning before going back to my realtor’s post, I received an email from Realtor Jeffery Menday [1] which instead of bragging about having sold this or that house provided something of great value for neighbors seeking to sell their house and the Realtors who are helping them in this effort. I republish the list

gray-large.pngSeattle Times Reporter Erick Lacitis on May 19 published an interesting story on Wednesday, May 19 titled: West Seattle couple leaves all their assets – $847,215 – to Uncle Sam. [See Here.] Included in the article is a reproduction of what appears to be the actual Cashier’s Check drawn on Umpqua Bank


Realtors who though understanding the mechanics of the Form 17 may not fully understand its rationale. This post seeks to do this and advise how Realtors can best help their listing clients to use this as a tool to strike the proper value between increasing value and reducing risk. [1]

First, we need to step

justice-smiles-green-large.pngBecause people in the main don’t tend to move up and down the economic strata and in and out of their homes, it apparently isn’t commonly recognized that there is an inverse relationship between Money and Neighborliness.

What does this mean, well think of a see-saw. Or if you would rather, the interplay between the