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ITT Rayonier, Inc. v. Bell – Case Review

ITT Rayonier, Inc. v. Bell was the first Washington Supreme Court review of an adverse possession case after Chaplin v. Sanders. [1] In ITT Rayonier the Supreme Court told the Division II appellate court that they really didn’t “phone in” the Chaplin opinion; its a holding for which … they care. [2] You see the appellate … Continue Reading

ESHB 1026 Post Senate Judiciary: Strike One! Ball One!

The Senate Judiciary Committee gave ESHB 1026 an executive hearing and passed it out of committee today. Not hard to see what happened. Particularly when supplemented with a viewing of the hearing on Washington’s equivalent of C-span here. [Note: to view only adverse possession’s ESHB 1026’s executive session, select the March 25th date and then scroll into the session to … Continue Reading

HB 1026: The Newly Proposed Adverse Possession Bill

I received a nice note from Washington’s 23rd Legislative District House Representative Christine Rolfes (D) yesterday. In addition to congratulating me on this month’s publication of my Bar News article, A Good Faith Attack on Land Thieves, she provided a link to the Adverse Possession legislation that she prefiled with 18th Legislative District House Representative Ed Orcutt … Continue Reading