black-big.pngI had a conversation the other day with a surveyor who’s mother in Sacramento County, California has a neighbor who seeks to block her longstanding access to her roadway.

In a quick ‘napkin-top rundown‘ of her case, the surveyor explained that there is a non-contiguous, triangular portion of land which runs on what intuitively is perceived and has been used for the purpose of vehicular access to his mother’s real property for what was represented as the statutory period.

Based on the information provided, it appears that this case is strong on a theory of prescriptive easement and perhaps on one of easement by necessity as well.

Query: Does anyone out there know a Sacramento based real estate attorney that would be willing to take up this matter? 

Two previous attempts were conflict-of-interest non-starters, but the case at first blush – yes, just consider it a cocktail napkin – the case looked solid.

And to be honest, if I was licensed in California, I would probably seek to do this at a discount. Why? Furthering a positive relationship with this particular surveyor is a positive career move.

Hmm? Makes me wonder if I should seek to associate with someone in the Golden State and work Pro Hac Vice … .

Well, I’ll leave the ball in the air through the end of the week should there be any indications of interest. So, if you or someone you know do have interest: (a) respond below; or (b) send an email to me at