Bulldogs 65 – 71 Tarheels. Any lessons for Boundary Disputants?

I am going to venture that there is.

Quite a number of people think that they should go to an attorney who is a “real bulldog.”

The problem with this approach is that they are already signaling that they are already so emotionally charged that they might as well simply tell their attorney they are giving them carte blanche to throw a molotov cocktail over the fence and somehow not think that they are going to be burned.

Are you kidding me?

By contrast, I do my best to both settle real property disputes AND resolve  interpersonal conflicts.

Because my practice is dedicated exclusively to these dual but very different functions, I am unique in that I stand on the line between the legal and mediation fields for my clients … and their neighbor.

Still don’t understand how this could benefit you and your neighbor – both … then go find yourself a bulldog and tell him or her all about the bone you have for your neighbor.

Then, when you have had your day in court – or not – and you realize that the only ones who have walked away with satisfaction are the attorneys … you will finally come to understand the folly of your ways.

Then go ahead and see if there is ever going to be any possible chance that either of you will be able to draw from the [oil] well of good will.

Guess what, in the best of circumstances the loser is likely going to find another field from which to draw. In other words, the loser is going to move away. And in the loser could certainly be you, you should really take a moment to determine upfront if you should simply determine that what you thought was an oil field a nice home, has in fact turn out to be a bad trade which you should liquidate.

Alternatively, consider the worst of circumstances. Should you and your neighbor remain in place, you will likely find yourself exchanged in the oil derrick’s rhythmic contrapuntal of tit for tat.

Unfortunately, when that happens I will have no [one] counter-factual to show that notwithstanding the fact that whereas you thought that I was stuck in the tarpit, I actually had a winning strategy which would have satisfied to best possible extent all the normal concerns inherent to these matters … except perhaps this one.

My March Madness bracket was a winner … I had the North Carolina Tarheels going all the way!

Author’s Note: While to Gonzaga students, alum, friends, and fans this post may seem unwarrantedly cold, I seek to use it to indicate the critically important point that a dispassionate, honest attempt to determine outcomes generally is the more sound approach to the handicapping of future events.

As I had no affilial “skin in the game”, I could do this. However, if I had such affiliations, I no doubt would have sought to let it ride on “my team”. Perhaps that is the most apt reason why one should get counsel to assist you to handicap your matter upfront after the disclosure of facts … instead of you telling the attorney how the law is going to shake out in your matter.

Oh and by the way, for those [other] folks out there that think they can take up my time by telling their story and get some free advice over the phone … forget about it. Go ahead and look at this blog, if you get what you need and don’t need more, great! That’s a significant part of its function. But, if you want more, all you have to do is fill out this initial assessment assessment which is linked [HERE].

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