black-big.pngAdmittedly, I am not a live blogger. However, I just finished watching the Senate Judiciary Open Hearing on what is now SHB 1349 on TVW. And because I had sent along my previous post to the office of the bill’s sponsor WA House Rep. Jeff Morris of the 40th District, I felt a little bit like Ed Harris’ character in The Truman Show with Jim Carrey

After the legislative assistant introduced the bill, Rep. Morris took over and things seemed to go just fine. He indicated that while he is not wed to Oregon’s code, he thought since our respective states were cut from the same cloth [which surveyors can litterally attest to this by pointing to the Willamette Meridian], the Oregon code is likely a good starting place.

After answering some of the questions, it appears that Senator Cheryl Pflug of the 5th Legislative District offered some practical thoughts about having people that use the first portion of road (i.e. all) pay for that, and then the next portion of road paid by those who use that part (so that those at the top of the road don’t have to bear their costs) and so on down the line.

So, it isn’t clear exactly how this bill’s language is going to spin out. However, Senator Pflug did suggest some sort of mediation process be incorporated in to it. Senate Judiciary Chairman Adam Kline then indicated that this default language prevents litigation. So, in that both of these members have different letters behind their names, it is likely that the Judiciary Committee will sort this language out somehow and go forward. What do you think?black-small.png