justice-smiles-red-large.png Friday, I went to the WSBA’s The Persuasive Trial Attorney: What Works and What Doesn’t CLEIt was a fantastic program!

1. It was moderated… no, hosted by the WSBA’s immediate past president Salvador Mungia.

2. Regular Guests on Friday’s show – Legal Eagles all – included: Jeffrey Beaver, Ralph BrindleyWarren Daheim, Douglas Ende, Karen Koehler, Art Lachman, Elizabeth Leedom, Ken Masters, and Phil Talmadge.

3. Special Guests included United States District Court Judge for the Western District of Washington – the Honorable Richard Jones and Judge – soon to be Washington State Supreme Court Justice – Steven Gonzales.

What? Wait, wait, wait … . What’s all this chatter about host, show, regular and special guests and whatnot?

Check it out [with an extra click through] yourself from this twitter post from the one who wields The Velvet Hammer. Do you get it now? … Heeeeeeere’s Johny!

Mr. Mungia in a well organized, friendly, and entertaining manner simply asked the panelists for their views, suggestions, and war stories on the various topics surrounding their particular subject of conversation as if it was a talkshow. So, while it was lightly scripted, or at least appeared to be, it came off wonderfully.

In addition, a little David Letterman seemed evident. No, there weren’t stupid dog tricks … or feeds showing things being thrown off the roof … or even a Top Ten List (though Judge Gonzalez did use this as an opportunity to instead give 19 “Tips for Successful Litigation” before he gives his King County Superior Court Bench equivalent of Denis Miller’s SNL Weekend Update’s: and I am  … outta here.”

So, what was similar to David Letterman? Rimshot please … AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION!

Believe me, this was an opportunity that I did not pass up. I confess that I heard my voice asking questions quite a bit over the course of the day. But, there were a number of others too. Further, questions were well asked and fielded both on and off site. Result? Great Interaction!

So, I doff my online hat to Salvador Mungia and the rest of the faculty – Bravo. Moreover, I hope future CLEs will provide an encoreWhat do you think?justice-smiles-red.png

[Note: I had fun unsucessfully searching for a video clip of Miller’s sign-off. So while not appropriate for all audiences  (i.e. consider waiting to view until past your bedtime), a rather amusing, tight YouTube video of Dana Carvey imitating Dennis Miller is teed up for you here. A longer one in which Dana Carvey as Johnny Carson introduces Wayne’s World on Dennis Miller’s comedy show is here. And perhaps most importantly, insight – from no less an authority than the New York Times – on how Saturday Night Live can get back their political mimickrey mojo as we continue barreling into the 2012 election season is here (Please do consider watching the clip alongside the article.)]