Bernie Sanders appears to be on a trajectory to drive his political vehicle into the left ditch of oncoming-traffic. As an upshot, Madame Secretary Clinton will likely get the nod to take on the Republican’s challenger. Below I argue she should almost fully dismiss Mr. Sanders and train her guns elsewhere.

Why should she recalibrate?

Because Sanders’ message and Trumps’ message appear to meet at the political equivalent of the international date line.

So by taking down Trump, where everyone else in the Republican race is too much of a wuss to do so, she effectively get a two-for-one shot.

All that said, there is one one resonant stump message of Sanders which must be qualified.

Sanders unqualified message is essentially: ‘No one gets anything without a fight.’

Yet, the reality of the “fight” prattling around in the Bernstein Bear’s mind is much more nuanced as than he explains.

Yes, privileges are extended to certain people merely as a result of the fact that they as Warren Buffet says: ‘win the birth lottery.’ From Buffets’ perspective this means he was lucky that of all the countries in the world into which he could be born, the one to which he was born was the Unites States.

Perhaps if we all felt so lucky we would end up more like Warren Buffet.

Now it is true that Buffet further had the “privilege” of growing up in a fairly stable home environment. But what really made Buffet the success he is today is that he was able to learn and apply certain principles repeatedly. For Buffet, even though investments are enjoyable, staying as focused on one thing is often times extremely hard work. [1]

And it is this, the “fight” to overcome one’s aversion to exerting extreme effort in the performance of hard work, which is the “fight” from which the thing of success is made.

Why is this important?

Because Sanders appears to be suggesting that the United States ought to fight to “take back” wealth that is in the concentrated aggregation of the “1 percenters.”

Those folks are considered to be the ones who control the political right. Give me a break!

Don’t be so naive, people of that status have their chips down on every square, corner, color, and strata (and remember there are three running both horizontally and vertically) of the roulette table.

For the 1% the maxim is: “Any port in a storm.”

So listen up folks, though World War II started by fighting and defeating a far right-wing, nut-job and the official end of that war’s conflict in the European Theatre ended on May 8, 1945 followed shortly thereafter on September 2 with Japan’s surrender, the war was only half complete.

This is because the heat of World War II was soon followed by the Cold War of the US against the USSR. This was where democracy had to turn away from fighting the far right – i.e. fascism – and instead contend with the far left – i.e. communism.

So, it wasn’t until the November 9, 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall – which beyond being a huge physical boundary was an even more formidable boundary of political ideology – that democracy finally won.

It was only on that date in 1989 that the US – With a Little Help From [its] Friends – had finally taken care of both of the far ends of the political spectrum. [2]

And all of this is important WHY?

It is of critical importance because while current, political left-wing wacko Bernie Sanders is losing ground to the moderating leftist Ms. Clinton …,

On the right – and I’ll clarify that I am a Republican – we currently have an abject nut-job who is a far, far worse candidate out in front.

Trump appears not to have any editor and has assisted to array “mobs” – both physical and virtual – against individuals and protesters. That’s damn scary!

Ms. Clinton appeared to originally want to make her presidency one which flows from the benefit of having a woman as president.

Perhaps that would be a great thing for the women’s movement on its own.

But in a political environment in which many others on the right appear to believe that Barrack Obama was an “all ranch and no cattle” political pollutant created from an environment of political correctness run amok, it would be very stupid for Hillary to continue to hitch her cart to a horse which consummates the Nineteenth Amendment – the Constitutional disallowance of prohibiting women their right to vote.

Now returning to the late ’80s – just before the fall of the Berlin Wall – do you remember who was the 1988 democratic nominee? [3]

No? Well, let me remind by giving further explanation to the above Featured Image.

That is none other than Michael Dukakis. Mr. Mike’s campaign was destroyed as a result of his “joy ride” in that tank.

Though Dukakis wanted to use that imagery to project that he was tough enough to take on the USSR, his diminutive features didn’t quite fit that exosceletal profile and instead it was his campaign which tanked.

So, why do I say this Hillary?

Because there is an image which I am sure the republicans will trot out in much the same fashion. It is the one in which Secretary Clinton purportedly in apparent horror witnessing the live feed of the kill of Osama Bin Laden.

Hillary, there is a very good chance that the United States – including Republicans like me – will need you.

So, in a contest of you against Trump which you should consider to have already commenced, I highly suggest you knock off all this women’s rights nonsense.

Women, like incoming president-elect of the Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington AND Surveyor of the Year Carla Meritt who received that award last night have fought hard – admittedly very likely much harder than most men – to do a great job!

It is because of that fight that the LSAW president-elect was honored. It certainly was not because it “ought” to be given to her.

So, my advice would be to “fight hard” to convince voters what you can and will do.

Get on board with Obama for the greater good of not only your party, not only the US, but quite likely the world, and have him – Obama – man up to the fact that the Iran deal was a loser.

This will give you free reign to attack it with more relish than Trump.

Afterward, go on the stump and TROMP,  tROMP, trOMP, troMP, tromP, tromp on donald trump as if he had dismissed you like Goodfellas’ Spitshine Tommy. [4]

Beat him into a bloody pulp. Make Trump bleed from … wherever! [5]

True, the effects of that will redound not just to you but to another candidate in the Republican party if you get this done before the Republicans finally select their candidate. That certainly may involve some political risk.

However, if you think you can wait until after the Republican primary is locked up to start pounding in earnest on Trump … you are gravely mistaken. In all honesty, I think about the only thing which will stop this guy is an Act of God.

So, how about this, please scrub any sound of Suffragette City from your talking points – at least for now – and go for the kill. [6]

You do that and the nation will thank you with their vote. And then you can help your gal pals. OK?

[1] To purchase Warren Buffet’s biography by Alice Schroeder The Snowball, Warren Buffet and the Business of Life, go [HERE].

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This derivative news event was given more import in articles by The Washington Post [HERE]; The New York Times [HERE]; The Wall Street Journal’s report of its backlash [which Trump now clearly appears to have overcome] [HERE]; and perhaps is best analyzed by Slate [HERE].

[6] See David Bowie’s Suffragette City [HERE].