1. Jurisdiction, Venue & Pleadings

RCW 2.08.010 (Original Jurisdiction)

RCW 4.12.010 (Actions Commenced at Jurisdiction of Situate)

RCW 4.12.025 (Actions Brought at Jurisdiction of Defendant’s Residence)

RCW 7.28.120 (Property to be Described with Certainty)


2. Statute of Limitations Relating to Land:

RCW 4.16.020 (10-Year Statute)

RCW 4.16.040 (6-Year Statute for use and occupation of real estate)

RCW 7.28.070 (7-Year Tax Statute with Possession)

RCW 7.28.080 (7-Year Vacant & Unoccupied Land)

RCW 7.28.085 (10-Year Forest Land w/$50,000 in Improvements)


3. Adverse Possession/Quiet Title Statutes

RCW 7.28 et. seq. (Ejectment, Quieting Title).


4. Waste  & Spite Structure Statutes

RCW 4.24.630 (Damate to Land and Property)

RCW 64.12.030 (Timber Trespass)

RCW 7.40.030 (Malicious Erection of Structure Injunction)


5. Prevailing Party Awards

RCW 7.28.083 (Court’s Discretion)

RCW 4.84.250 (Rejected Damage Offer not more than $10,000)