justice-smiles-blue-large.png I had all set to post out one second into the New Year. I thought it would be fun to show the art work that I had asked the kid’s to do while waiting for me to complete a few year end tasks in the office.

Good news was that all I needed to do was refresh my cache to get the post. The bad news was that while it appears fine for me on my office computer. This art populated my iPhone upside down. That’s not how it should work!

So, down came the art and out went an email to the graphic designer who has previously worked up my projects – Curtis Dickie.

Here though, I also want to make a shout out to the first person to make a digital rendering of my “Justice Smiles” logo – architect Gita Gilvydis who is no longer with us. … Not to worry though, she is now enjoying the sun and a life in Sydney, Australia. Jealous? … I am indeed.

Regardless, the experience made me realize that instead of spending considerable time and expense to follow through on the creation of a newsletter which most people will merely consider junk mail, I want to instead create at minimum ePost Cards to send to people as a quick little reminder that Justice Smiles is a law firm which seeks to spread a little good cheer along the way and would appreciate referrals. I.E. …


Beyond this though, I have realized it is time to come up for air – or rather out of relative stealth mode -with respect to my ideas about combining law, “big data”, and design techniques. I’m seeking to do this to facilitate quicker legal research and better prediction of legal outcomes before clients waste their resources for essentially no reason.

So, what can you expect? On Monday, I’m going to get ahold of LexBlog to (a) figure out how to correct presentation across various media; and (b) seek to change this Blue Channel from it’s relatively unused “Estates on Waterfront” name to that of “Graphic Legal Designs.”

Then, I expect to place a fair amount of Legal Art. And, yes I do consider it art! But, I will also seek to explain at times how this art is intended to function.

Bottom line, be ready for some fluidity to occur here. I realize that some people will scratch their heads, others may scoff. Regardless, the result I am seeking to bring about is similar to the creation of opera.

I want to integrate rather disparate disciplines in an effort to increase legal understanding which thereby furthers — Access to Justice and Peace.

For the moment, I hope you will be patient as I seek to get the first set of work up and viewable. It’s message which I hope you will all continue to hold … Happy New Year 2015!justice-smiles-blue.png