Initiating Contact

When you know you need help with your boundary dispute, contact Justice Smiles by phone  at 206.216.5878 or through its Initial Assessment. After performing a conflicts check we will set an appointment for an initial consultation. There are two types: an Initial Office Consultation or an Initial Site Consultation.

Initial Office Consultation

The Justice Smiles office is located at the northeast corner of the Ballard Bridge north across from the LA Fitness and Trader Joes’ Ballard Blocks. Smartphone directions [HERE]

During our meeting we will do the following:

  1. Ask questions about your matter and provide you an opportunity to express your concerns and understanding of the issues;
  2. Review the legal issues in your matter;
  3. Review the issues of realpolitik in your matter; and
  4. Create an appropriate strategy for moving forward with your matter.

The cost of the initial consultation of 60 – 90 minutes is $750.

Notably, this is a discounted initial review process includes initial review and a post conversation write-up otherwise valued at $1080 – 3 Hours at regular rate of $360/Hour.


Site Consultation

If your matter appears soon destined for Court, Justice Smiles will arrange a Site Consultation.

A Site Consultation is a critical component of the lawyering and consulting process for any court-bound cases. In accord with this belief [and barring exceptional situations], Justice Smiles travels to visit with you for 90 – 120 minutes at your real property before filing or answering any lawsuit on your behalf.

At the Site Consultation, you will be asked more specific questions about your matter. This will be performed in the form of basic facts; the strength of both your and your neighbor’s Realpolitik resolve; and the viability of witnesses.

These facts combined with the ability to see the actual issues on the land allows Justice Smiles to:

  1. Draft a comprehensive and compelling letter to your neighbor or your neighbor’s counsel;
  2. Assist you to draft your Complaint; or
  3. Appropriately assist you to create your Answer to a Summons and Complaint which has been served upon you.

If the Site Consultation is the initial visit with you, you will be charged the flat fee of $750 plus a once reduced travel time cost of 1/2 of the normal billable rate – i.e. $360/2 = $180 plus $1/mile and any additional costs such as ferries.


Method Benefits

This straightforward approach can work to your advantage in the following five ways.

  1. You have the opportunity to meet at Justice Smiles’ office or have a boundary dispute attorney come to your place to clearly identify the issues as you deem most appropriate.
  2. You will have a chance to both disclose and further understand the strengths of your matter and its weaknesses before taking action or making a statement which may jeopardize your ultimate goals.
  3. Because you are paying for the attorneys time, you will not find yourself sold into a course of action which allows the attorney to recoup the time spent securing you as a client, and instead will discuss resolution options.
  4. After you commit to a guided course of action, you will do so with a firm that places client needs first. Justices Smiles’ firm metrics of JUST | ACCURATE | PEACE are in place to help assist its clients to resolve – not escalate – conflict if at all possible.

These benefits are invaluable!