All men dream; but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind waken the dday to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. This I did. – T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)

This is one of the quotes which Bob Proctor has identified as essential. It is placed on page 45 of his workbook for “The Art of Goal Creation.”

Now, I find this incredibly interesting for a number of reasons. First, apparently like Bob Proctor, I absolutely love Lawrence of Arabia.

It is a movie which stars Peter O’Toole as Sir Lawrence as well as Omar Sharif, perhaps best known for his role in Dr. Zhivago, and Alec Guiness, who starred in both of those movies as well as A Bridge Over the River Quai before taking on the role he is probably best known for throughout the world today as Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Bob Proctor is basically telling attendees whether they are in the room with people like producer Phillip Goldfine and tech giant Whitney Johnson or outside of the room anywhere else in the world through live stream that we all can realize our dreams … if we only wake up enough to make sure that they come to pass.

Throughout the presentation, he has indicated a number of times in which there have been serendipitous events in his life.

But, he indicates clearly that this is all due to “laws”. Miracles then are events which “[t]he information’s unavailable to the mortal man” – just like Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away”.

Except one thing. This isn’t about the tragedy of life as felt from that song, but instead much more like what I find to be Paul Simon’s most happy song – Kodachrome!

Returning to Lawrence of ArabiaI have also had a tie which I have shared with only a few people along the way. But, now I simply don’t care and will let it all out.

There is a scene in which Lawrence has brought two differing tribes across the desert at night. I don’t know recall if these were two factions of differing Bedouin tribes or if there was an even more pronounced difference.

At any rate, someone had fallen off his camel in the night. Everyone else knew he was already extinct. Not, Sir Lawrence! He rode back into the desert and miraculously both found the man and brought him the rest of the way of the journey across to safety.

But in a scene or two there was some sort of an uproar. There was a dispute between the two tribes which created a bind.

See someone from one side was accused of a crime – my memory was of some sort of theft. But, justice had to be meted out.

Yet, the tribe from which the accursed had affiliation simply could not allow the man to be vilified and certainly not to pay for the accused crime … even if as it seemed to be assumed as a fact that it was accurate.

This was a real conundrum because both tribes needed to be united to make an appropriate raid in the morning.

So, Lawrence who had no binding affiliation to either tribe volunteered to adjudicate the dispute.

They through the man accused of the crime at his feet.

Who was he? The man Lawrence had just saved from the desert.

Lawrence shot him. Not once, not twice, reluctantly … which did happen at first. But then he fully emptied his chamber … and then he dropped his gun in horror!

I watch that scene and realize that Lawrence is both disgusted and excited by “the thrill of the kill.”

Now being a boundary dispute attorney does not involve killing people.

But, it does involve “helping” people to make an extreme mental adjustment.

Sometimes that is necessary. In most cases it is not and it is a completely inappropriate strategy.

I never wanted to help people “kill” their neighbor. But, it is so seductively fun to consider … especially when the neighbor is represented to be a complete jackass.

Yet, I can’t help to remember that this is all because of a very simple and solvable legal dispute.

Then, I feel like absolute hell. How can I charge people money to do this type of work.

In most – not all, but certainly most – cases the fight makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I’m either a really great lawyer who cares so much about my clients that I won’t let them  get crushed by their neighbor and their own immediate fears, or I am an absolutely horrible attorney who won’t simply go in and gut the neighbor like a fish!

What I have realized is that I am a great diagnostician and I want to bring peace to neighbors.

Because of this I am turning my focus to helping people to get some perspective on the issue … and then to quickly outgrow it.

I think that is adding the greatest value to any client’s life that I can possible give.

If you have a boundary dispute and want an honest attorney to help you think through if you need to take the next step and how to do it, by all means give me a call.

I want to help. I also want you to come up with a victory which is appropriate for both yourself and your neighbor.

In most cases a settlement is the most appropriate, but in others it’s a no holds bar death match.

Know which one your getting into and whether it is something that you are really willing to fight.

I wish you and your neighbors peace … and realize there are two very different paths to get to it.

But in no case should you dream of destroying your neighbor when there is so much other positive things that you can accomplish.

Hire a lawyer to take the burden off your mind or put it out of your mind if you can’t afford the cost.

If you can’t, will you ever be able to have a dangerous dream? You should certainly hope not!

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