Robert WM Zierman is the managing attorney at Justice Smiles, pllc, a firm with a focused work methodology directed to assist the economic, efficient, and if all possible, peaceful resolution of neighbors’ Boundary Disputes.

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Justice Smiles, pllc concentrates on resolving boundary disputes and other issues arising between neighbors. Adverse Possession is the primary legal doctrine used to settle these types of disputes. Justice Smiles’ managing attorney Robert WM Zierman has read and spreadsheeted virtually all of Washington States’ recorded Adverse Possession cases. In January 2011, Mr. Zierman published an article in the Washington State Bar Association’s (WSBA) Bar News titled: A Good-Faith Attack on Land Thieves (See pages 18-20). 

Robert then testified in front of both Washington State’s House and Senate Judiciary Committees to change the most flawed component of Adverse Possession – its refusal to allow courts inquire whether and adverse possessor wrongfully or mistankenly took the land. While the legislature failed to take this appropach, it did create new law now codified as RCW 7.28.083.

Robert has purposefully sought to further foster his understanding his understanding of real property law by becoming an associate member of the Land Surveyor’s Association of Washington (LSAW) where he regularly attends meetings, participated in the surveyors’ Career Advancement Program, and spoke about Adverse Possession Law at the LSAW’s 2012 statewide conference.

In 2014, Robert again participated at the surveyors’ statewide conference as an exhibitor. While there he met Curtis Sumner, Executive Director of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). Curt soon afterward invited Robert to share his views on how surveyors may also want to help neighbors to “keep the peace.” The (now archived) live interview occurred on Monday, March 31, 2014.

Work Methodology

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Firm Philosophy

Justice Smiles, pllc (“Justice Smiles”) is a Washington State law firm focused on the peaceful and economical resolution of neighbors’ boundary dispute matters.  Its approach stresses the de-escalation of conflict.

Justice Smiles over the course of the resolution process seeks to discern the legal, emotional, and financial issues; identify the consequences of law and realpolitik; and then assist clients to wage “Wars of Reasonableness”.

“Wars of Reasonableness” are generally conducted by providing choice: a ‘hard’ choice for the opposing party; a ‘soft’ choice for the client; an exceptionally fair choice for all; and the consequences of a non-response – the filing of a complaint and proper service and continuing with necessary follow-through.

Justice Smiles has found its “Wars of Reasonableness” to be exceptionally successful. In addition to cabining the opposing party’s emotions, this technique applies significant pressure on opposing attorneys.

Attorneys faced with the prospect of not likely being able to provide better results for their clients are unlikely to advocate for additional conflict.

First, this deflates their credibility in front of fact finders who deem boundary disputes in the vast majority of cases to be pitiful wastes of resources.

Second, opposing attorneys also face the very real prospect of receiving bar complaints after the unsuccessful pursuit of a trial, when a more appropriate option had been provided much earlier.

Washington State real property owners in King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap Counties who would like to attempt to resolve your boundary dispute matter quickly, economically, and as painlessly as possible, Justice Smiles invites You to be in contact.


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