Justice Smiles, pllc helps neighbors, surveyors, and legal counsel resolve conflict and settle boundary disputes.

We continue to believe the purpose of law is to promote order and good will. Yet in the arena of neighbor law, we find the crush of legal process creates even more pain, ill will, and chaos among neighbors. Reasonable neighbors no longer need to engage in such folly!

Justice Smiles not only efficiently helps neighbors discover relevant facts and gives them an objective prediction of likely case outcome, we help neighbors understand and reconcile their underlying interests through mediation.

Justice Smiles concludes its work by helping neighbors to create specific term sheets and agreements which are informed by over a decade of focused practice on boundary dispute law.

Instead of finding yourself miserable throwing away a year of your life and several thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars engaged in a petty dispute with your neighbor, allow Justice Smiles to lead you safely through the landmine of neighbor law.

Allow your ignorance of boundary dispute litigation to remain in a state of bliss. You’ll be glad you did!


To promote peace among neighbors so they may seek to join the lucky few who can love their family and friends and live well with their neighbors.

Practice Philosophy

We help reasonable neighbors resolve conflict and settle disputes through mediation. We offer consultation and expert witness services to clients with unreasonable neighbors. We help unreasonable clients positively refocus their energy.

Mediation Practice Expertise 

Quiet Title and Adverse Possession (and Related Theories and Remedies).

Covenants & Servitudes.



Trespass & Zoning.