I know. I know. It just isn’t fair!

Well, that’s right … It isn’t.

We would like to think that everything is good. And barring that, at least “I am good.” With the not often missing complement, … “and therefore, if you are not like me, you are bad.”

See, in law there are always no less than 2 contests.

The contest that most people think about is their precious rights. Well, the axiomatic corollary of this is someone else’s responsibility. These are the case merits.

The other contest is the procedural war of attrition attendant to the drawn down resources of money, emotion, and time.

Notably, that order is from least expensive to highest.

While most people think that money is the biggest concern, it’s not … with the right attitude and willingness to learn and act, there is plenty of money. This is the cheapest resource to expend.

The second is emotion. But, for most people unless they have had so much experience with lawyers that they have learned that they are renting someone else’s mind to do all the worrying for them and otherwise let it go, the emotional roller-coaster is going to be one you will never forget.

And then there is time. We all have exactly the same amount of it … the present moment. Do you want to waste that on a petty litigation instead of doing something that you enjoy.

So what’s the answer? In most cases, begrudgingly you have to walk away. You might even have to run.

You want to have justice?

Look to yourself. How can you take responsibility.

Here, I’m not advocating that you take responsibility for things to which you have no relationship. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work out well.

Do take full responsibility for everything to which you do have an attachment or interest.

This means that if you have a dispute with your neighbor, “own” it.

Take so much responsibility that it is no longer your neighbor’s issue.

Hell, purchase their house, adjust the line, cut the tree, create the view easement, and then sell the property if that’s what it takes.

You can do it! And if you can’t right now, well then I can help you to grow so that you have the ability to do so … as long as you are willing to take action.

“But, I don’t want to!”

Well guess what, I am not attached to you … at least not yet. And, I don’t want to help you to run your life further into the ditch … and take money for the “pleasure” of doing it.

What type of lawyer says that? I don’t know of to many. It’s called the TRUTH.

I want to help my clients in and out of conflict and up to their higher selves as soon as possible.

If that’s something you might like? Well, let’s look to see how I can help you.

If you want to bitch and moan … go take it somewhere else…!

Source: Paramount Pictures

Chinatown (1974) is a film which explores corruption and other dark themes that morally ambiguous protagonist Jake Gittes played by Jack Nicholson finally find both illegal and revolting. But, as he is powerless to order change, he must walk away.