I know. I know. It just isn’t fair!

Well, that’s right … It isn’t.

We would like to think that everything is good. And barring that, at least “I am good.” With the not often missing complement, … “and therefore, if you are not like me, you are bad.”

See, in law there are always


“Wars of Reasonableness” – as defined here at Justice Smiles – are generally conducted by providing choice:

  • a ‘hard’ choice for the opposing party;
  • a ‘soft’ choice for the client;
  • an exceptionally fair choice for all;
  • and the consequences of a non-response – the filing of a complaint and proper service and continuing with necessary follow-through.


justice-smiles-green-large.pngEstoppel in Pais literally means “by act of notoriety” of something which is “solemnly acknowledged.” Right. So, yet again we are going to delve into what is noticed on the ground. Here are its elements – ehr “requirements”:

  1. An act, an admission, or a statement is made by the first party which is inconsistent with the subsequent

justice-smiles-gold-large.pngWhether directly expressed or not, my boundary dispute clients often ask: “Why is my neighbor doing this to me?” The answer to this seemingly simple question lies in the fact that someone believes that they have a superior position.  

Notably, superior position does not necessarily mean superior rights. No, no, no, no. Superior position is