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Don’t Fight For a Pyrrhic Victory – Fight for Peace!

You are not here by accident. You have very real concerns. You have concerns about the land which you and your neighbor either now or soon will likely both be claiming. You have concerns about the many costs involved in a boundary dispute. You may even have concerns about what will happen if your matter … Continue Reading

Leave if Your Neighbors Show Their Guns

What is the general purpose of guns? This depends on who holds them. Some people want to hold them to protect themselves and property. Whereas others want guns to advance onto and possess the property of another. This is completely clear in an international setting. And sadly this is also at times true in disputes … Continue Reading

When Do Bad Neighbor Relations Start?

Bad neighbor relations do not start when someone conducts a survey and identifies “potential encroachments”. See my post “Encroachments are not identified by Surveys – …” and the comments which follow. Instead, that is just the yield from past actions … or more likely ommissions. Due largely to ignorance of the law of real property until a need or … Continue Reading

Kickin’ Up Dust at Joshua Tree National Forest

  My family all got together for my brother’s birthday in Palm Springs over the mid-winter vacation. One of our outings was to Joshua Tree National Park which as many know has been made famous by U2’s album. Well, I can’t offer anything better than my best Gomer Pyle — Surprise, Surpise, Surprise. Why yet again, there is evidence of a boundary dispute! Unfortunately, this boundary … Continue Reading

Seattle Times: “The neighbor from hell can affect property values”

It’s now official! The Seattle Times reported late last week “the neighbor from hell can affect property values“. That was the headline, which required additional reading to determine in what direction property values are affected … right? Wrong! Of course, bad neighbors, if known by potential purchasers, may negatively impact real property values. But for those that did … Continue Reading

Ballard Church to Host Homeless Car Campers

Driving back from a site visit in the soggy rain, I listened to a portion of KUOW‘s “The Conversation with Ross Reynolds“. This program, which you can find and listen to here, is briefed as follows: You see them in many neighborhoods: cars and vans stuffed with possessions, homeless car campers. According to the nonprofit in charge of a … Continue Reading

Occupy Seattle Protesters may create Liabilities on Vacant Properties

Jonah Spangenthal-Lee of Publicola has an interesting crime report posted at the end of last week. Police Evict Occupy Seattle Protesters From Central District Home is its title. The meat of the story is as follows: Seattle police have begun cracking down on small bands of Occupy Seattle protesters who have begun Occupying vacant homes around the Central District. … Continue Reading

Neighbors need to watch where their Dogs Poop

Back in November. I had former US Attorney General for Western Washington John McKay speak at our University District Rotary club about ‘the AG purge.’ At one point when we were discussing my work, he confirmed with me that a boundary dispute is rarely about the boundary line – at least not in the city. Instead, he suggested it is more often about things like finding … Continue Reading

Invite the Neighbors to Your Holiday Party

Last year, I suggested that people might consider taking over a small gift to the neighbors here.  This year, I will go a step further and suggest that you invite your neighbors to your holiday party. Why? Well, perhaps the late Philadelphia reporter Franklin P. Jones said it best. Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy … Continue Reading

Rob McKenna’s Neighborly Immigration Stance

I did a Rotary make-up at the University Sunrise Club of Seattle this morning. The guest speaker was Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna who of course is running for Governor in 2012. Toward the end of the meeting and after a considerable preamble in which after acknowledging that it was a federal question; that while America had been a country … Continue Reading

A Map Tells a Thousand Words

In preparing for conference seminars that I will be giving early next year for the Land Surveyors Association of Washington (“LSAW”), I found a quote in a Washington Supreme Court decision that is perfectly apt for any type of boundary dispute case. In Hudson House, Inc. v. Rozman, 82 Wn.2d 178, 179 509 P.2d 992 (1973) the Court … Continue Reading

Non-Neighborly Halloween Pranks

The American Bar Association Journal this last week – along with indicating a case in which the judge declared that a house was “haunted as a matter of law” [though not fact] – also provided the following couple of tragically comedic case thumbnails: • A Florida woman sued her neighbor for defamation, harassment and emotional distress because … Continue Reading

Game Theory and the Art of Settlement Redux

Earlier this month I wrote a post titled Game Theory and the Art of Settlement. Well, this morning I took a few moments to open up the September 3rd – 9th 2011 paper edition of The Economist and discovered an article within “The Economist Technology Quarterly” called Game theory in practice on page 19 [of that insert]. After indicating … Continue Reading

Game Theory and the Art of Settlement

In November 2007 while still living in China, I published an article in the Ningbo Guide titled Game Theory and Guanxi. Guanxi may be translated to mean personal connections. But a straight definition is illusive for many reasons not the least of which is that Western society is based largely on the individual whereas Eastern … Continue Reading

Keep Good Relationships with your Neighbors

Almost coincident with this Smart Money article by Quentin Fottrell in which I am quoted: “Try to build a good relationship with your neighbors because friends usually don’t sue friends,” I got myself involved in quite a rumpus with my friend and neighbor. This was my error! Without going into particulars, I wrongly felt that I was being … Continue Reading

Why is my Neighbor Doing this to Me?

Whether directly expressed or not, my boundary dispute clients often ask: “Why is my neighbor doing this to me?” The answer to this seemingly simple question lies in the fact that someone believes that they have a superior position.   Notably, superior position does not necessarily mean superior rights. No, no, no, no. Superior position is … Continue Reading

Are Some Surveys More Accurate than Others?

I had the privilege of going out with Robert Winters [background] and Eric Workinger of Chadwick & Winters on a work assignment. Now, I have always loved geometry and maps, and on this occassion, I tagged along to better my understanding of the profession which serves as the predicate for so much of my boundary dispute law work. The area … Continue Reading