Joshua Tree Grave 2012.jpg


justice-smiles-gold-large.pngMy family all got together for my brother’s birthday in Palm Springs over the mid-winter vacation. One of our outings was to Joshua Tree National Park which as many know has been made famous by U2’s album.

Well, I can’t offer anything better than my best Gomer Pyle — Surprise, Surpise, Surprise. Why yet again, there is evidence of a boundary dispute!

Unfortunately, this boundary dispute went a little more than sideways. For those of you that skipped right over the above picture. Take a second look. It’s a grave marker with an epitaph, written by the gunner himself, which states:

Here is where Worth Bagly Bit the dust at the Hand of W.F. Keys May 11, 1943

Hmm, well good ole’ Bill Keys spent some time in prison, but was later granted a full pardon. Perhaps he rightfully felt that the gold on his property was sufficient to:

  • Sacrifice 5 years of his life;
  • Induce the Governor to allow his pardon [here I merely speculate]; and
  • Commemorate his “Victory” forever.

 What do you think? To what extent do you want to ‘kick up the dust’ with your neighbor?justice-smiles-gold.png