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Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington Conference

Non-Combative Dispute Resolution Speech Outline Anecdote #1 – Twin Sisters Anecdote #2 – Concrete Pad Mending Wall by Robert Frost  – Mutual Recognition and Acquiescence Elements of Adverse Possession Open & Notorious Hostile & Exclusive Continuous for Statutory Period (of 10 years per RCW 4.16.020) Problems with Court: Costs Prohibitively Expensive – An Access to … Continue Reading

The Other Washington

Several years ago when I was yet a “China Hand”, I would often hear those involved in Washington State politics refer to D.C. as “The Other Washington”. At the same time, people who live on the East Coast refer to “our” (local) politics as “The Other Washington”. I am quite certain that this hasn’t changed. … Continue Reading

Evaluative Mediation Works – ALLOW IT! — Part I

Colin Cowherd has a great voice, a great past, and a great message: “Conflict Works – ALLOW IT! [1]. I think Colin has a great point. And yet, I am going to offer some qualifying comments. Comments which some might think are contradictory … perhaps if only to be able to view them in a … Continue Reading