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Gaps and Overlaps

Seeking to define the survey terms of Gap and Overlap reminds me of what a colleague once said: “You know how on the East Coast people are up in your face and gruff, sometimes mean even? Well, they don’t mean it. Similarly, you know how people on the West Coast are pleasant and kind to … Continue Reading

Scrape that Tar Right Off Your Shoe

Bulldogs 65 – 71 Tarheels. Any lessons for Boundary Disputants? I am going to venture that there is. Quite a number of people think that they should go to an attorney who is a “real bulldog.” The problem with this approach is that they are already signaling that they are already so emotionally charged that they … Continue Reading

Kettle Logic

Without naming it outright, yesterday I introduced “Kettle Logic.” This is the term that Jacques Derrida – who came up with the famous line “form is content” (or some such in his native French) and many other concepts of deconstructionism – uses to describe the situation of throwing together a stew of contradictory logical claims. … Continue Reading

The Practical Boundary LIne

In his 2008 book titled The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services, futurist Richard Susskind in no less than two places speaks of a future in which legal consumers benefit from ‘a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of an ambulance at the bottom of it.’  No, no this concept doesn’t … Continue Reading

The Other Washington

Several years ago when I was yet a “China Hand”, I would often hear those involved in Washington State politics refer to D.C. as “The Other Washington”. At the same time, people who live on the East Coast refer to “our” (local) politics as “The Other Washington”. I am quite certain that this hasn’t changed. … Continue Reading

James Comey is the Double-Hinged Gate of American Democracy

Today’s op-ed section of the Los Angeles Times leads with the intriguing question: “Why doesn’t James Comey run for President?” [1] This of course is completely impractical with exactly one week to go until the 2016 election. But there is an important sentiment worthy of exploration here. Just like this election in which many undecided … Continue Reading

What is a Fulcrum Fact?

A Fulcrum Fact is my designation for the one particular, ambiguous fact for which the argued attached meaning determines the legal contest.  First, recall a fulcrum is that point on a scale where balance is struck between the scale’s two sides. As such, if the weight and dimensions of both sides are equal then the … Continue Reading

Fame Right off the Stage Trump

In a previous post, I indicated why I think Trump is making this bid for president. He want’s Fame! [1] Think about it. The guy has plenty of money, but he’s getting older. He has to be thinking to himself that it won’t be long before things like “Trump steak” will have any meaning. But, … Continue Reading

Love You Till Tuesday?

The Republican race only worsened by virtue of Trump’s widening margin after his coral of majorities yesterday in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii. [1] There appears to be potential room for Ted Cruz if Marco Rubio and John Kasich were to fall in line behind him … but they won’t. Whereas Trump is otherworldly in a … Continue Reading

2016: A Space Oddity?

Yesterday, while focusing on religion touched on the topic of space exploration. A year prior to David Bowie’s release Space Oddity in 1969, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was released. It’s story sought to explain that there must be some advanced knowledge which has at critical thresholds – i.e. boundaries –  in the development of … Continue Reading

Time to Fully Reposition Your Aim Hillary

Bernie Sanders appears to be on a trajectory to drive his political vehicle into the left ditch of oncoming-traffic. As an upshot, Madame Secretary Clinton will likely get the nod to take on the Republican’s challenger. Below I argue she should almost fully dismiss Mr. Sanders and train her guns elsewhere. Why should she recalibrate? … Continue Reading

A Norwegian & A Polack Who Don’t Meet in a Bar — Hamlet’s Poland Sub, Subplot

My Network response [HERE] to Survey Connect’s original comments [HERE] produced the reply titled “An example of throwing mud gains little ground” [HERE]. That’s kind of the point … throwing mud back and forth usually leads to much worse. Now while Survey Connect’s two threads appear to have run their course and I am not … Continue Reading

Do You Believe in Miracles?

“Just when you think you’ve seen everything … you haven’t.” Unless my memory is failing that is what favorite sports announcer NBC’s Al Michaels [1] said about Russell Wilson’s turn of a botched snap/catch  – which under most circumstances would have been a 20 yard set-back – into a first down conversion pass to Tyler … Continue Reading

Thomas-Kilmann’s Conflict Mode Instrument is Illustrated by “A Quiet Man”

The 1952 movie titled A Quiet Man stars John Wayne. In this – the pub scene – John Wayne’s character who has returned from America to Ireland to reclaim his family farm is analyzed by moving though the five conflict-handling modes identfied by Thomas-Kilmann. These modes are designed on a two-dimensional scale in which, Thomas-Kilmann place … Continue Reading

Motivational Comments about Bartleby the Doc Reviewer

NW Lawyer’s issue this month has an article titled: With Kings and Counselors, Bartleby the Doc Reviewer. In it Garrett Oppenheim compares the modern day life of a document reviewer to Herman Melville’s 1853 tale “Bartleby the Scrivener”. [1] To clarify for non-attorneys, a doc reviewer is a lawyer who helps to determine which documents are … Continue Reading

Imagine a Sheer Change from Boundaries to Title Lines

Yesterday, Curt Sumner had NSPS treasurer Bob Miller on his radio program. [1] Apparently, Bob is the first in a series Curt intends to invite on his show to get surveyors better connected with their leadership and as indicated in one segment to illustrate that leaders are really just normal people who are willing to step … Continue Reading

Welcome Invitation to Prospective Neighbors

Dear Prospective Neighbor – My family and I look forward to having a positive relationship with you. Feel free to stop over and say hello. If you go forward with plans to purchase … We hope not to be strangers to each other, but want to respect your privacy. We understand there will be times … Continue Reading

Realtor Jeff Menday’s Tidying Recomendations

Yesterday morning before going back to my realtor’s post, I received an email from Realtor Jeffery Menday [1] which instead of bragging about having sold this or that house provided something of great value for neighbors seeking to sell their house and the Realtors who are helping them in this effort. I republish the list … Continue Reading