I know. I know. It just isn’t fair!

Well, that’s right … It isn’t.

We would like to think that everything is good. And barring that, at least “I am good.” With the not often missing complement, … “and therefore, if you are not like me, you are bad.”

See, in law there are always

Fill or Kill. Yes, it’s the lore of James Dean in Rebel without a Cause. 

But, it’s really onto only what I call endpoint thinking … it’s deadpoint thinking.

Consider a game of chicken in which two drivers barrelling down on eachother finds one, or possibly both, yanking out the driver’s wheel and throwing it

Above is the painting Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull. At 12′ x 18′ it is the size of the footprint of my original office.

Yes, you’ve seen it before. An engraving of it is on the reverse of the $2 bill. The event which it purports to capture was also noted by Napoleon Hill

My chops as a boundary dispute attorney gives me both credibility and pause to step into the fray of our nation’s border wall debate.

This matter is not strictly similar to a boundary dispute between neighbors because neither side is seeking to redefine the location of the line.

What is at issue is at issue

Now that I have crawled out of Plato’s Cave – or out from under the rock of the practice of boundary dispute law – to get my bearings in the “blinding sun,” I have decided it worthwhile to do a series about my impressions of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

I have a

Facial recognition can be a positive force for good. But we need to act to regulate this new technology, before we find that it is used in ways that discriminate, invade privacy, or undermine human rights. We’ve laid out our suggestions on how we can get started and the principles Microsoft will adopt. – Brad

You just found out that your neighbor has “something” located beyond what the survey line indicates onto your property. The “something” could be their fence, their patio, their shed, or any other number of items made by hand or nature – including trees, shrubs, or garden. What should you do about it?

A.     Rip that

Some boundary dispute cases involve a little bit more than the parties’ contrary claims of adverse possession and quiet title to the recorded real property. No, sometimes the professionals can make bank by engaging in a contest in which one of them will ultimately end up the butt of the joke. [1]

That’s what happened

What would happen if people identified their legal rights as easily as they could identify their titled boundaries?

This is an interesting question. There would always be gaps and overlaps in understanding. But, just as importantly it helps us to realize how boundary dispute law is such an apt analogy for all law.

So, going