Fill or Kill. Yes, it’s the lore of James Dean in Rebel without a Cause. 

But, it’s really onto only what I call endpoint thinking … it’s deadpoint thinking.

Consider a game of chicken in which two drivers barrelling down on eachother finds one, or possibly both, yanking out the driver’s wheel and throwing it out the window so the other driver will sway or yield course.

But then what? The car(s) without a driving wheel quite likely will end up ditch bound with driver thrown through the windshield.

Well what about the brakes? It’s quite possible that slamming on the breaks caused the car to spin out of control and then flip before coming to a rest.

So here’s the question for plausible pro se litigants of boundary disputes:

Do you think that throwing the equivalent of your steering wheel – i.e. your mental faculties – out the window is really going to be a productive way in which to resolve your boundary dispute issue?

The answer is an emphatic: NO! Don’t do it!

You will look back and realize how much of a fool you have been.

You will look back and realize how much emotional damage you have done to yourself and your neighbors.

You will look back and realize how much money you have needlessly spent.

Most importantly, you will look back and realize you have frittered valuable time away to assuage what Bono (and later Johnny Cash) sang in the song One as “the lepers in your head.” [1] & [2].

What a complete waste of time! When Justice Smiles tells anyone be it a prospective client or the neighbor in a writing that they don’t stand a chance …

Don’t think that throwing out the steering wheel will in any way diminish the merits of your case.

Just thank me for the fact that I am willing to pound a little bit of sense into you instead of cutting your soul out of you.

Point your will to win in a useful direction and realize that you have infinite potential which will allow you to yield real results where it really counts … putting money into your pocket instead of bleeding it out in a needless boundary dispute.

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