Above I have represented two stickpersons in conflict aided by the teachings of my mentors Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher of the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Both represent two parts of the mind – the conscious mind (represented by the upper half of their respective larger circles) and the subconscious mind (represented respectively by those halves below).

Both also have a body represented by the smaller circles.

Moreover, both instead of thinking positively are in a very bad way.

They are both allowing their perspective as to outside circumstances control their thoughts in their respective conscious minds, their respective feelings in their sub-conscious minds, and their actions performed by their bodies.

This is demonstrated by the fact that the negative sign for each of them is circled instead of the positive sign above their respective minds.

But, this is where all the similarities end!

Noticeably the stick person to the left believes that he is entitled to the title line marked as “Y.”

Whereas the stickperson to the right believes that she is entitled to the line of historical use marked as “X.”

In cultivating relationships with some of the country’s foremost surveyors, national leaders such as Gary Kent, Brian Lucas, and Curtis Sumner, there is one idea which is repeatedly hammered home.

If surveyors can only find the problem and are unable to fix it, surveyors are the problem.

Well, the solution is to help clients to move from a triggered place of fear deep within their subconscious which is negative, to a place of knowledge.

Both parties “know” consciously that they are right. An attorney’s job is to assist clients to reconcile this knowledge with legal truth.

What heretofore has gone unrecognized is that the sub-conscious mind, that part which actually controls much more than half of most people’s thoughts and actions, in both parties goes into a state of bewilderment in which the mind is unable to determine which line is correct.

This sets up what my mentors call a “double-binding” message which causes such extremely odd behavior between neighbors.

So, how about real property boundary dispute attorneys? Well, I suggest that the idea for them is very similar to that which is for the surveyors.

If attorneys can only address their clients’ conscious real property disputes, then attorneys are the problem.

See, until the neighbors underlying fears of one another can be harmonized, there is virtually no way in which to come to a solution which doesn’t involve an incredible waste of time, emotion, and financial expense.

And for what? Five Blades of Grass?

Whether you are a surveyor, real estate agent, title insurer, or homeowner, if you are contemplating involvement in the utter irrationalities of a boundary dispute, you really should make sure that you understand the materials provided by the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Not only will they save you multi-faceted hardship, they will help you to learn how to get anything you seriously want!

Now I would suggest that you make a decision and contact me right away, PGI’s materials can aide in the resolve of any conflict – family, employment, corporate, and even international.

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In either events, have a most spectacular day!