Seeking to define the survey terms of Gap and Overlap reminds me of what a colleague once said: “You know how on the East Coast people are up in your face and gruff, sometimes mean even? Well, they don’t mean it. Similarly, you know how people on the West Coast are pleasant and kind to

While the conflict attendant to boundary disputes is tremendously wasteful on their own, there is a way to accelerate the extreme wallet purge as if a financial bulimic. That way is to challenge the validity of the neighbor’s survey with one’s own. This is what occurred in Reitz v. Knight. 

In surveyor speak this type

There is a renewed call for a survey which exemplifies the problems which have been kicked around at Survey Connect [HERE].

As it should happen, I have found such a survey. Please see King County recording 20141112900002 [HERE].

I invite surveyors – especially those licensed in Washington State – to provide

I’m not a surveyor, but I have spent enough time getting to know surveyors as well as seeing how their work can later affect their clients and their client’s neighbors that it has become clear that there are basically two types of folks producing very different types of surveys. 

Jeff Lucas, PLS, JD – who

orange-big.pngI caught Curt Sumner’s Radio hour yesterday morning [to be pointed HERE]. On his show, Curt conversed with Guest Lisa Isom – the exclusive agent for the NSPS’ Assurance Risk Managers, Inc. See HERE.

The show was dedicated to a conversation about cyber-risk. I was able to get through the beginning of the program


December is a busy month at home, but slow at the office. I suspect surveyors may find that they don’t have quite as much new work during the holiday season either. [If this isn’t the case, by all means feel free to correct me.] On this penultimate day of 2014, I want to take a