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Gaps and Overlaps

Seeking to define the survey terms of Gap and Overlap reminds me of what a colleague once said: “You know how on the East Coast people are up in your face and gruff, sometimes mean even? Well, they don’t mean it. Similarly, you know how people on the West Coast are pleasant and kind to … Continue Reading

Reitz v. Knight – Case Review

While the conflict attendant to boundary disputes is tremendously wasteful on their own, there is a way to accelerate the extreme wallet purge as if a financial bulimic. That way is to challenge the validity of the neighbor’s survey with one’s own. This is what occurred in Reitz v. Knight.  In surveyor speak this type of situation … Continue Reading

A Norwegian & A Polack Who Don’t Meet in a Bar — Hamlet’s Poland Sub, Subplot

My Network response [HERE] to Survey Connect’s original comments [HERE] produced the reply titled “An example of throwing mud gains little ground” [HERE]. That’s kind of the point … throwing mud back and forth usually leads to much worse. Now while Survey Connect’s two threads appear to have run their course and I am not … Continue Reading

Surveyors: Instead of Depicting Calculated Corners … Are You Willing to Put Your Professional Career at Stake?

There is a renewed call for a survey which exemplifies the problems which have been kicked around at Survey Connect [HERE]. As it should happen, I have found such a survey. Please see King County recording 20141112900002 [HERE]. I invite surveyors – especially those licensed in Washington State – to provide written expression at this … Continue Reading

Surveyors Should Bring About Peace Between Neighbors

I’m not a surveyor, but I have spent enough time getting to know surveyors as well as seeing how their work can later affect their clients and their client’s neighbors that it has become clear that there are basically two types of folks producing very different types of surveys.  Jeff Lucas, PLS, JD – who … Continue Reading

Curt Sumner’s Radio Hour 2015.05.18

I caught Curt Sumner’s Radio hour yesterday morning [to be pointed HERE]. On his show, Curt conversed with Guest Lisa Isom – the exclusive agent for the NSPS’ Assurance Risk Managers, Inc. See HERE. The show was dedicated to a conversation about cyber-risk. I was able to get through the beginning of the program when … Continue Reading

What does Google’s Self-Driving Car Mean for Surveyors

Many in the survey community lament that Google Earth is taking jobs away from surveyors. Yet, an important offshoot of this project has been to develop and promote self-driving cars. Google’s YouTube presentation “A First Drive” published almost exactly a year ago on May 27, 2014 has already had over 9 Million views. Of these … Continue Reading

“Don’t Set, Don’t Pull” Survey Monuments Over the ‘Apparent Boundary’

Twenty years ago this past February, perhaps President Clinton’s third most cryptic saying following only: “It depends on what the meaning of the word is … is” and “I didn’t inhale” became military policy. Specifically, Clinton enacted the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Though scoffed at by many on the left and hated both … Continue Reading

Surveyors as Real Property’s “First Responders”

I have become increasingly involved in discussions about whether or not surveyors should be allowed to assist in the conflict resolution process. When a surveyor identifies a difference between titled property bounds and longstanding occupational uses, should they be allowed to help parties not only understand the difference, but also find ways to reconcile it. … Continue Reading

Curtis Sumner’s Radio Hour Interview Overview

Earlier this month I spent a few days as an exhibitor at the annual conference of the Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington’s (LSAW).  While there I was fortunate to meet Curtis Sumner the Executive Director of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). Curt hosts a weekly web radio program for the nation’s survey community. [The link … Continue Reading

Mysterious World of Surveying Occurs Largely Behind the Scenes

  As an associate member of the Land Surveyors Association of Washington (LSAW), I receive the quarterly magazine, Evergreen State Surveyor. The Winter 2012 edition had an interesting article written by the wife of a surveyor. This is the view of someone close, but not within the survey profession. Author Stephanie Dickson chronicles her husband’s … Continue Reading

Title & Fence Lines: Should Your Surveyor Get them Both?

The situation is this. You are about to hire a surveyor. You should anticipate the possibility that the surveyor will determine a boundary which is contrary to your understanding of the use and occupation on the ground.  There are several reasons for seeeking this upfront clarity … and contingency planning when contracting with your surveyor. … Continue Reading

The Statutory Warranty Deed, Form 17, & Assymetry of Information

The Statutory Warranty Deed and the Form 17 together allow residential real property sellers to increase the value of the transaction by preventing an assymetry of information from otherwise reducing the value of a property, increasing the time involved in conducting a transaction, or both. Assymetry of information – what is that?  Assymetry of information occurs when one party in … Continue Reading

Surveying will survive amidst technological advance.

Potential encroachments are revealed half the time or more when surveyors go to conduct residential surveys, correct. But with the advent of technology’s big brother in the sky style aerial photography views and attendant technologies, isn’t surveying becoming an antiquated professional craft? At least with respect to my corner of the world and how it relates to surveying, … Continue Reading

Encroachments are not identified by Surveys – Lawyers do that after Identification of a ‘Potential Encroachment’ by a Surveyor

I received an important comment to my recent post “Survey Says the Fence Encroaches – Now What?“. I think that commenter Scott D. Warner, R.L.S. Senior Director / Editor Land Surveyors United ( has made such an important point that I want to reproduce it here, so that it won’t be overlooked. He states: A survey … Continue Reading

How are Surveys Authenticated?

A survey is authenticated not by the fact that a surveyor’s stamp is upon it. This alone is inadequate. In addition to the stamp, the surveyor must place his or her signature and the handwritten date of the survey’s completion across the stamp. Notably, in the past the expiration of the surveyor’s current license (which must be renewed every … Continue Reading

Don’t Trust Your Recreational GPS to correctly identify your Property Boundary!

Last night I went to the monthly North Puget Sound – Land Surveyors of Washington (NPLS-LSAW) meeting. After all the chapter business was conducted, Bobby Wildrick, PLS (i.e. professional land surveyor) gave a presentation about GPS accuracy. Mr. Wildrick conducted an experiment, in which seeking to hold all other variables constant, he used high-end Leica … Continue Reading

A Map Tells a Thousand Words

In preparing for conference seminars that I will be giving early next year for the Land Surveyors Association of Washington (“LSAW”), I found a quote in a Washington Supreme Court decision that is perfectly apt for any type of boundary dispute case. In Hudson House, Inc. v. Rozman, 82 Wn.2d 178, 179 509 P.2d 992 (1973) the Court … Continue Reading

Aerial Surveyor – Aerometric

A question was recently posed on the King County Bar Association’s list serve that may be relevant to others in the future. So, I have decided to memorialize the recommendation in this post. The question was simply: “Does anyone have a recommendation for an Aerial Surveyor?” The initial answer, which incidentally came from well north of Seattle … Continue Reading

Are Some Surveys More Accurate than Others?

I had the privilege of going out with Robert Winters [background] and Eric Workinger of Chadwick & Winters on a work assignment. Now, I have always loved geometry and maps, and on this occassion, I tagged along to better my understanding of the profession which serves as the predicate for so much of my boundary dispute law work. The area … Continue Reading