Today is the second day of the Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington’s (LSAW) Annual Conference.

This year the conference is back at the Tulalip Resort.

As always there will be a Banquet. I certainly will be there this evening.

The reason beyond the good food, fun, and fellowship, is because this will be the end of Michael McEvilly’s presidential term.

In my mind at least, this is a significant rite of passage. Although likely not past the mid-point of his 40s, Mike crosses to the realm of a “senior statesman” within the land survey profession.

Notably, Mike has much more than mere street cred for this in the legal community too. WHY?

Mike is the downline “intellectual descendant” of the nationally recognized real property scholar who studied law and then teught at the University of Washington – the late William Stoebuck.

This intellectual dynasty is traced through Jerry Broadus – who was mentored by Stoebuck – and who is both a retired surveyor and lawyer who had employed Mike.

Jerry is now retired to siting birds instead of fences and other lines demanded by the survey profession to which his subsequent legal education was largely used to inform.

For lawyers what is perhaps most important about Mike is that he, along with Desirae [né Harpel] Schilling, provided “invaluable researching and proofreading help” in the creation of Jerry Broadus’ 2009 treatise …


Congratulations Mike!

Why don’t you click [HERE] to que up the music; put on your red shoes; and do a little jig.

Comfortably – but not too long – after that, I hope we can get down to business. Cheers!