Whether you are currently involved in a boundary dispute with your neighbor or in that period of despondency following the conclusion of your matter, you almost certainly feel had.

Why didn’t your legal counsel tell you at the beginning that you would feel like a spent cartridge laying around at a crime scene after all

Seeking to define the survey terms of Gap and Overlap reminds me of what a colleague once said: “You know how on the East Coast people are up in your face and gruff, sometimes mean even? Well, they don’t mean it. Similarly, you know how people on the West Coast are pleasant and kind to

Crites v. Koch49 Wn.App 171, 741 P.2d 1005 (Div. III, 1987.08.06) – [Cause No. 7898-1-III] upholds the Whitman County Trial Court’s decision to quiet title by adverse possession to plaintiff Crites to land south of an access road, but reversed the trial court’s decision to also award a Crites a prescriptive easement to

This morning I followed to precise degree a recipe – i.e. a recipe for disaster!

At the gym, anticipating tomorrow’s festivities I hopefully not too smugly exclaimed to one of the Latina workers:

“Feliz Cinco de Mayo.”

I quickly came to learn – fortunately in friendly fashion – that my friend was from El Salvador.

  • A1: Because he should never have gotten himself halfway into the exercise.
  • A2: Because he brought someone along who wasn’t as committed as he was.
  • A3: Because that someone alone has the good sense to not make the attempt.
  • A4: Because he thinks he can defy norms and conventions; she knows otherwise.

Or, could the