• A1: Because he should never have gotten himself halfway into the exercise.
  • A2: Because he brought someone along who wasn’t as committed as he was.
  • A3: Because that someone alone has the good sense to not make the attempt.
  • A4: Because he thinks he can defy norms and conventions; she knows otherwise.

Or, could the answer be …

  • Z1: Because he thought it was the most expedient means to an ends … so why not?
  • Z2: Because she led him on a misadventure which he didn’t have the good sense to redirect.
  • Z3: Because he was paid to escort her across the road despite its treachery and money justifies the risk.
  • Z4: Because he has a yellow umbrella which he thinks will shield him from city-bound traffic at 8:22 AM.

If you are thinking of playing chicken with your neighbor in a boundary dispute, make a commitment to go all the way to the endpoint or don’t start it at all.

Justice Smiles is here to evaluate your merits and to assist you to determine whether the adventure is worth the effort. To start before making a commitment, please fill out less than a dozen questions linked [HERE].

BTW – When I glanced back at these two idiots, they were returning from whence they came. So, they were able to get smart after all.