justice-smiles-gold-large.pngYou are not here by accident. You have very real concerns. You have concerns about the land which you and your neighbor either now or soon will likely both be claiming. You have concerns about the many costs involved in a boundary dispute. You may even have concerns about what will happen if your matter isn’t resolved as you hope it should.

Justice Smiles can help you address all of these concerns. If you are at the point where you just want someone to take your neighbor apart, Justice Smiles is probably not for you. But before you flip to the next potential attorney, please do yourself a favor and read to the end of this post. 

After more than enough experience seeing how terrified both prospects and clients involved in boundary disputes become, Justice Smiles’ managing attorney has concluded going to court is – almost always – the approach of two losers. Instead, Justice Smiles assists neighbors to peacefully resolve their boundary disputes and related issues.

The reason for this is simple. Regardless who you decide to hire to pursue a boundary dispute, if you want to take it to court, your course of action is a gamble. It’s a gamble that very few people are able to take. What’s more important, of those who are able to take this gamble, much fewer are crazy enough to actually do it.

Why? The gamble is incredibly expensive. First, ask yourself just how much you are willing to pay to fight. Think $5,000 is enough? That ought to suffice if you and your neighbor can work both quickly and peacefully to come to an agreement. But if there is disharmony, $5,000 is a completely inadequate amount. Think $10,000 is enough? For most that’s just enough to get them far enough into the fray that they are starting to discover how miserable legal discovery can be. Unfortunately, usually by this time each party is either starting to throw good money after bad, or if they are smart enough to realize the folly of their battle and they come running for a fire fighter.

While Justice Smiles has and intends to continue to assist people when they realize they have got themselves burning in hell, this is not at all the ideal time to attempt to seek solutions. Just as with real fires, the emotional fires raging within your neighbors’ hearts are fierce. What’s more your fires have probably not completely subsided either. To make matters most complicated, your neighbors’ attorney may very likely be adding fuel to the fire as someone who is also vested in the fight. Come to Justice Smiles at this time and it might only be another $10,000, but it could easily go up to $20,000 … if not more.

But you think to yourself, I have a great case which ought to be in the bag. OK, $20,000 might be enough to secure a win at summary judgment, but then the question is whether your neighbors will appeal. Do you have it in you to keep it up past that point?

Assume your case is going all the way to trial. Here note that going all the way will almost always be no less than 1 year. You live to 100, and that’s still a pretty good chunk of your life. And what do you think that year or more is going to do to you emotionally?

For many if not most people it turns them into an emotional wreck. In some instances the emotional toll is so significant that it results in divorce! Now, continuing with hard costs, just figure you should be able to give your attorney $50,000 if not more for a fight to the finish at trial!

Do I have your attention? You here may attempt to say something like, my friend who is an attorney says I might be able to get reasonable attorney fees paid for by the other side. True! Just remember the operative terms are “might” and “reasonable.” You may not know it now, but there is a very good chance that your attorney doesn’t know much about real property law. That’s not good. Superior Court judges understand criminal law. Superior Court judges understand divorce law. Superior Court judges understand probate. But, Superior Court judges who really understand real property law are few. So, you have put yourself at a disadvantage.

Alternatively, you decide to pay the big bucks to a real property bulldog attorney who can get in there and really do the job for you. Well, guess what. That real property bulldog has gone through a lot of people like you already. They are going to gradually “paper their file” with CYA letters, memos, and emails while they assist you to get deeper and deeper into the bog of litigation. That’s how they get you to empty your pocket book. It’s also how they keep bar complaints against them in abeyance.

Sure, your bulldog attorney will go in and when all is said and done, they have a much better chance of giving you your neighbors’ heads on a platter. But, the shifting of legal fees is not complete remember – it’s only for “reasonable attorney fees.” How about collecting those fees? I hope you get the point. Though your attorney has been giving you the message all along, you somehow never picked up on the idea that you were going to be out some very big money.

Think of it this way. Is that strip of land – and the ability to do a victory lap around your yard in front of your neighbor – worth a new car; or the ability to send your child to college; or perhaps to start your own business? In other words, sure you MIGHT – and again it’s always a “might” at court – got you your win. But, your win is a pyrrhic victory!

Is the fight worth it? — Hell no! It isn’t worth it at all! It’s not worth it to you nor to your neighbor.

Before you do something which is going to cost you thousands – perhaps tens of thousands – of dollars, please take Justice Smiles’ Initial Assessment. The decision to hire someone to fight for your rights is not what you want. You want someone who is going to fight for peace.justice-smiles-gold.png