justice-smiles-gold-large.pngYou think you can put your neighbor in the Hurt Locker. Right? Do you think that’s going to be easy? Don’t you think your neighbor is going to fight like hell to do the same to you? 

No matter how angry, fearful, or both, you have no idea of the pain ahead should you decide to roll the dice on litigation. You worry that your neighbor is going to fight to the endpoint. You might want to seriously consider retaining counsel who will seek to muzzle your neighbors’ attorney and in turn provide fodder for their attorney to reign in their clients unfettered emotional instincts. This allows both parties to come to the bargaining table to sort out interests – instead of respectively malformed positions.

The Golden Rule: ‘Do onto others as you would have them do onto you’ is not to be taken lightly. If negative, your choice of counsel and corresponding actions will escalate and very likely prolong your conflict. One, your neighbor will want to exact revenge. Two, your neighbor will be anxious to let go of the chokehold that they have on you for fear that you will strengthen the chokehold that you also have on them.

It takes an incredible degree of skill, emotional fortitude, and plain old smarts for effective counsel to walk the blade in this legal arena to assist the extraction of combating neighbors from their fights. Most attorneys don’t even think of attempting this. It puts them in much too uncomfortable a situation. One in which they are likely to get caught in the crossfire either from the opposing party and their counsel or the people that they represent and are trying to help.

There is another important saying which should be here remembered. ‘Blessed are the peacekeepers.’ Beyond being a peacekeeper, the very best boundary dispute attorneys are peacemakers. Just | Accurate | Peace are the individual and aggregate metrics which Justice Smiles seeks to bring to all of its representation. Executing this goal is both extremely difficult … and extremely rewarding.

To assure that this may happen though, review the Golden Rule. Though you may not have as high a regard as others for the man who is attributed as expressing it, the Golden Rule has incredible merit.

After all the emotion is removed, simply realizing that your neighbors have valid concerns – which to the extent you may be able to alleviate, will assist them to possibly grant an alleviation of yours – is when things become golden.

The sooner both parties realize that the Hurt Locker is a self-imposed construct – for which litigation unfortunately provides a negative bulwark – the sooner everyone may find their exit out of the painful fog of war.justice-smiles-gold.png