Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich gives some treatment to ESP or as he calls it Telepathy.

Perhaps there is a distinction between these phenomenon that I am not aware.

As someone who has been quite literally “grounded” in the area of boundary dispute law for the last decade, like most I tend to scoff at the idea of this in much the same manner as the audience is brought into the “joke” Bill Murray plays as Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters.

But in that I am in a mode of reinvention, I am willing to think much broader now and I wonder if there isn’t something actually to it.

Have you ever been having a conversation about someone – usually one in which you extol their virtues or vilify their faults – and they show up?

What’s the classic line in such situations: “Speak of the devil … right?” Why?

It’s because it is so odd. One thing that I noticed as I went so narrow in my specialization was that on an uncommonly regular basis, something that I was needing in one case would show up in another?

Basically, I might have a motion I needed to produce or a principle of law the case for to assert a legal point which I didn’t know existed … and in came a motion or mention of that case from opposing counsel in another case.

Is this a part of “the law of attraction?” I don’t have enough understanding to know this yet.

I do know that the list of names that were interviewed and endorsed Napoleon Hill’s book are still well known now for many of the eponymous business institutions they created.

And in that list of folks – e.g. Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, William Wrigley, Wilbur Wright, Alexander Graham Bell, John D Rockefeller, and Thomas A Edison to name a few – I think that it would be better to attempt to lend my mind to their “daft” ways than to seek to stay under the bell curve of normalcy – i.e. mediocrity.

Now, the reason why I find myself writing all of this is because yesterday I had sent out a LinkedIn invitation to the one person who has studied Napoleon Hill’s book more than anyone else on the planet – Bob Proctor.

I had been working on a rather mindless project and listening to YouTube videos of his all day long.

Before it got dark, I decided to take a break and got out for a jog and took a shower.

After letting the dog out the door, I came to the computer to get this day’s blog post out and what should I find … Bob Proctor had accepted my LinkedIn invitation.

Is there any ESP or Telepathy in that? I have no idea? But, I suspect that he has some ideas about it. Some that I would like to get directly from him if at all possible.

As I thought about it all, I wondered is it possible that my work as a boundary dispute attorney hasn’t really been about bringing discordant minds – i.e. people who think and thus have vibrational frequencies operating at different levels – together.

What has slowly been emerging for me is the realization that instead of trying to help people who only want to change someone else and not themselves a job that always seemed so pointless to me somewhat akin to Rodney King of L.A. riots fame’s quote: “Can’t we all just get along?”

Is it possible that I can use all this wisdom and energy to bring people together to form mastermind groups in order to create not only Win/Win (or as the Chinese say: “Twin Win” — 雙贏 ) but rather wins that redound to many more than two parties.

Now that’s something worthwhile. That’s something worth refocusing the work of my life’s devotion.

I do know one thing though, i am not skillful enough to just sit around trying to think this into the world through telepathy. It’s time to act … with kindness to all. Cheers!

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