Though my immediate desire is to get in to Tableau Software so I can learn and earn through an exchange of time and wisdom for value, my approaches haven’t generated my desired outcome … yet!

So, I find myself in the gap between what I thought I was going to be walking away from and meaningful employment.

I find this ironic because it is precisely “the gap” for which I have been fighting others to peacefully close as a boundary dispute attorney.

This has given me pause and cause to reflect on my situation from differing perspectives.

For anyone who has been following along for the last month at home, you will notice that I have ensconced myself in Napoleon Hill’s work Think and Grow Rich.

In addition to this, I have been following his “intellectual grandson” – Bob Proctor who had worked with and for Hill’s protege – Earl Nightingale.

I’ve decided to go through consulting training at the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

As a not incidental aside, I find it of great interest to note that Sandy Gallagher had been a banking and securities attorney for Seattle’s Davis Wright Tremaine before walking away from her practice to work with Proctor. So, I feel myself to be in [a] good company.

But, this still doesn’t speak to what to do in the here and now to provide for my family that which they need and want.

As is my general way, my intention is to integrate differing roles in order to generate what Bob Proctor identifies as the ideal, generating multiple sources of income.

To do this, I realize that it is ideal to follow his overall template to help clients resolve conflict with their neighbor and settle boundary disputes.

I should note that the former – which law has an extremely difficult time getting its mitts on is what I would estimate to be perhaps 90[%] to 95% of the problem leaving only about 5% as real legal work.

The result is a extremely emotionally taxing “legal practice” which involves a scant amount of “legal work” and instead the yeoman’s work is what I have referred to as “psy-opps” – i.e. the war and/or peace of psychological operations in which I have sought to harmonize opposing neighbors’ underlying interests, come to and document the agreed legal solution, and then hope that the spirit of Rodney King blesses the parties whereby they both ask “why can’t we all just get along?” … and then work to make that a reality. Pie in the sky … right?

Well, the insight that came to me was that if clients were willing to put 1/10th of the resources they might otherwise pledge toward a boundary fight into making self-improvement, they would experience “moon-shot” style growth.

With this insight in tact, I am changing everything … mostly for the better.

My intention is to maintain two blogs. This “Boundary Dispute Law [Blog]” and a new one for the purpose of positive paradigm coaching ala the PGI Institute which will have the URL:

In between and pointing to those blogs will be a website which LexBlog is putting together for me. In fact, I received a proof to this website which I had paused at the end of last year’s Q3.

The above is a screen shot from my handheld and in that I am already generating a blog post, I thought I might offer my 2¢ here and then later send … as I am sure they will not wade through my ramblings to find it here.

Ok, so here goes (below the line).

  1. Setting aside the middle band of color which will need to be reimagined completely, I will want the background colors on the top and bottom bands switched such that blue – and likely a lighter shade – is above in the “sky” and the brown is where we “go to ground.”
  2. I’ll want to have the navigation bars in the upper left (not right) corner for two reasons: (a) as a practical reason it is easier to hit with the index finger of the right hand and (b) this will allow “JUSTICE SMILES” to be centered.
  3. Continuing with respect to “JUSTICE SMILES” and the “J” in “JUSTICE | TRUTH | PEACE” … I will want it sized the same as the rest of the words. Perhaps the “J” in this font naturally pops beyond all the other capitalized letters, in which case greater manipulation is necessary. But, realistically I suspect that this “hook” is currently at a larger font size which simply has to be reduced so to represent like the sentence below.
  4. For that sentence, at present I like the gold color of the language “Justice Smiles”, but will want to see if my sentiment remains when its background is brown. One thing that I do note is that at least on my phone there is language “below the fold”, so …
  6. With respect to the logo, all is excellent for the large one, but we have some pixelation issues for the small one. Unless the blue boundary makes the small one represent better, I’m going to need a swap out perhaps with one which has thicker – i.e. bolded – lines, so that it is clear.
  7. That might all be good enough for government work, but I also will want to see how the values under the large image represent after the “J” in “JUSTICE” is adjusted. The ideal would be to have the point of the shield’s “chin” directly above the “U” of “TRUTH”. The second best would be to have the shield’s “chin” “T’eed up” directly above the “T”. However, in that these will probably shift the language too much to the left and right respectively, we might need to just put it over the “R”. I suspect it is because there is some uneven “terrain” below it that it appears off center.
  8. Ok, now returning full circle to the color in the middle. This is supposed to be a nice clear day with green grass below and in the PC version – i.e. here off the screen – there is an oak tree to the left. So, my question is why does this look like a post-apocalyptic fall-out? Well, maybe that’s what people thought I and others felt about the business in the past. But as that famous S.E. Hinton book was titled: “That was then, this is now.” So, let’s get this thing to happy mode because Justice Smiles will actually be able to help people … instead of “assisting” them to be the lesser of two losing parties. Cheers!