It’s most a beauty … eh?

Well, this house sits right next to the Magnolia dog park.

This week it was again tarped. They did a great job of tying this turd down.

Yeah, this double barraleed gabbled monstrosity had a blue tarp upon it which fluttered in the wind.

Now, let me ask you this. Do you think it is worth $1 million. That’s the price at which it was most recently listed.

You know what? With the right zoning, I bet this nonsense could be worth no less than ten times that value.

But, it will take political persuasion!

I’ve sought to “seed” some interest very recently.

I’ve already got some positive voices from people who are interested in a change.

If you are a neighbor wanting to make a change too … by all means reach out.

We have an opportunity here … our community is not going to take this stink any longer. Cheers!