So, coming full circle on this Original 13 of the United States, above is a more distinct idea of what each state claimed.

As far as why then, though Britain was giving up. France provided the backstop at the Mississippi River.

But for France’s involvement as the “higher authority,,” as can also be demonstrated by the fact that this Treaty was signed in France’s capital, exactly what America owned might not have been settled.

Upshot of all this as related to boundary disputes between neighbors is that “yes, there are times when it is appropriate to fight with your neighbor.”

But, do your absolute best to determine before getting involved whether you are going to win.

That determination is based on two principal factors – merit and the will to win. Of these two, it is generally the later which carries through to victory.

So, make a decision to go all in … or realize that not all of life’s battles are worth the fight.

I know that can be an extremely difficult decision.

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