Earl Nightingale who was mentored by the fountainhead of motivational speaking, Napoleon Hill, states unequivocally: “Success is the Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal.”

What’s your ideal? Is it to obtain better health, money, and happiness?

If so, I suspect that you might have demonstrated this in the past by means of a two-dimensional Venn Diagram. In such a rendering, the object to be obtained is the “sweet spot.”

Conceptual spaces, a term which as far as I can tell was originated by Peter Gärdenfors – a professor of cognitive science at Sweden’s Lund University and internationally recognized philosopher, might serve as a tool to better focus on goal attainment.

The ability to course correct on the “flight path” of progressive realization of a worthy goal is made so much more visually determinable.

As someone who has been stubbornly off course for years, I lament the fact that I have been stubbornly off course for so many years.

What’s important now though is to figure out what will satisfy all of these AND make meaningful contribution to society.

As a student of economics, I am well aware of the fact that people exchange value for value through the means of money.

But, money is only the quantitative means of measuring value. Money does not provide qualitative evaluation.

For those seeking the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Money is the exhaust. It is the measure of success.

Failures are not those without money, but rather those who are not in pursuit of a worthy ideal.

Does this shift in thinking help you feel better about your life’s pursuit?

I know it does for me. My primary goal right now is to gain clarity as to my new aim.

Hope you too might gain clarity for how to align your worth ideal with goal accomplishment in 2019. Cheers!