I received a note from Derek G. Graham OLS OLIP alerting me that I had goofed on the titling of my previous blog post – linked [HERE].

In this post I’m going to own that error more fully than I think even I expect by just letting my fingers serve as the extension of my stream of consciousness.

Obviously, the later representation of the two forms here titled is grammatically proper.

I should probably acknowledge that, change it, and just move onward.

But, I’m going to play with the error a bit to see if I can massage it out. That will probably amount to smearing more tar on myself … but I can take it. So here goes …

Is it possible that my error could actually have been one of punctuation, but not to be corrected by converting “Your” to You’re?”

I’m going to argue that Ali is an external reflection of the best that all of us can be?

All this Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, and Bob Proctor material that I have been recently studying speaks to the idea of “infinite intelligence” and how we are all tied to one another on a spiritual plane.

Essentially, instead of being material beings which have spiritual experiences, we are all spiritual beings engaged for a brief period of time in a material experience.

I know; this is pretty trippy stuff. These are ideas that few experience and even fewer attempt to explain because it is so far beyond the normal realm of recognition that it can and is considered by most as balderdash.

Ok, good! I’ll try to position these ideas in a way that might be more recognizable to those with a statistics background by considering the bell curve.

As we all know, the bell curve over a normal distribution has a bulge which tops at the center with tails to either side which – at least in theory – asymptotically approach zero.

Now quite some time ago, I had recognized that I tend to be out on not one, but both of the tails as to the way in which I think.

I am and have been a macro thinker all my life. Somehow I am “blessed” with the ability to see the big picture. But, this “blessing” is a curse if not able to share the ideas with others.

So, for the past decade I have gone to the other extreme by going not just to the micro, but rather to the “nano” level of thinking in which I have allowed myself to become an advocate for clients when they and their neighbors get exercised over what I call ‘Five Blades of Grass.’

Ok, so what does all this Macro-Micro thought business have to do with anything?

First, I realized that being able to go out to the statistical tails is the equivalent of being at the “international date line.”

Here, think of that bell curve on a piece of paper that you roll over and to which you tape the “tails.”

Now, if one flips this upside down, a new “center” is created at that “international date line” as identified which is at the top.

The result is a new bell curve and with it a new “average.”

Well guess what? That’s exactly how I feel about myself. I’m just an average guy. Except for one thing. I can meet damn near any person wherever they are.

I am as comfortable with CEOs as I am with the homeless and virtually everyone in between … except KUKD sycophants.

KUKD? That’s the acronym for “Kiss Up Kick Down.” Look around and you will find that there are a heck of a lot of folks who act that way … and for what? An insecure grasp at the next rung of the ladder as best as I can make out.

Now returning to this idea of the person who is out at both tails simultaneously, I was amazed when I saw this phenomenon also described and depicted in Peter Theil’s book Zero to One.


Normally we expect opposite traits to be mutually exclusive: a normal person can’t be both rich and poor at the same time, for instance. But it happens all the time to founders: startup CEOs can be cash poor but millionaires on paper. They may oscillate between sullen jerkiness and appealing charisma. Almost all successful entrepreneurs are simultaneously insiders and outsiders. And when they do succeed, they attract both fame and infamy. When you plot them out [on a normal distribution curve], founders’ traits appear to follow an inverse normal distribution[.] (Emphasis added to text at pages 175-76 [which depicts an inverted bell curve by way of explanation].)

Ok, now I suspect my dear readers to be scratching their head thinking: “What the heck does that have to do with the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

The answer my friends is “manifest” when you look back at the wisdom which Bob Proctor identifies as “infinite wisdom” – aka God.

Regardless as to how you perceive the creator and his-her-it’s creation, we are all a part of it … and to greater or lesser extent we are all recognizably not apart from it. Get it!

In other words, though I wrote “Your the Best.” Perhaps instead, I should have written:

Your “The Best”.

In doing so “Your” becomes interchangeable with “Our.”

Ali, who like all of us wasn’t perfect. But, Ali was the best that he could be and in that we share a piece of humanity with him, he brought out an image of us being the best too … just like MLK.

Now, did I intend “your” error. Of course not. But am I going to just lay down like Sonny Liston. Cheers!

PS – Nice catch Derek. Thanks!

Photo Credit: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2016/06/04/muhammad-ali-dies-obituary/85357592/