A Boundary Line Adjustment (“BLA”) requires that both your property and your neighbor’s property be surveyed. Surveyed not just as to the boundary line. Surveyed not just as to their respective ‘footprints.’ But instead, surveyed as to all of that – as well as all fixtures.

Q: What’s a fixture? A: Anything that wouldn’t fall off your land if you turned it upside down and shook it! In other words, your house, your garage, your shed, your walkway and drive, your fence … .  That’s a lot of survey work!

Then, you will have to make an application – and pay its fee –  to the appropriate city, county, municipal governments charged initial review of your BLA.

Then, you might find that its been discovered that there is some sort of current deficiency. Perhaps current code requires that a new fire hydrant be placed. Well guess who is going to have to apply to have that reviewed after you (or your neighbor) has paid to have it installed.

And needless to say, if you want any assurance or guarantee as to what you may need to spend, you will likely be providing a nice set of billable hours to your attorney to research your needs.

Then after a long drawn-out process which very likely will exceed 6 months, your project might be blessed.

So, in answer to the question: Is a Boundary Line Adjustment Right for my Neighbor and Me? The answer is almost catagorically – NO!

No that is – unless you and your neighbors are cows and your land is green field.justice-smiles-green.png