justice-smiles-green-large.pngSurveyor has been out and now you either want to tear your neighbors’ heads off because they have “stolen” your land (i.e. you are the title holder who believes you are being short-changed). Or perhaps you have “always owned” land beyond what the surveyor indicates and you darn well want to make sure to protect it (i.e. you believe you are “entitled” to the land by Adverse Possession). Regardless of which side you stand, the only thing you can do is run to your attorney and get ready to litigate. In other words … THIS IS WAR!

Cool your jets pal. In fact, while you’re it, do the best you can to cool your neighbors’ jets too. Your next step could be one in which you clearly delineate rights surrounding the line or decide to recognize its existence at a mutually beneficial location and in doing so save a relationship with your neighbors.

Or you can go ahead and throw caution to the wind. Yes, go ahead and hire that bulldog attorney of yours that helped you terminate your marriage; extract the most money you could get from your slip and fall; beat up your sister when your mom died … guess what, you will probably get exactly what you deserve!

Those that take the second approach fail first because while that bulldog attorney probably knows the courtroom very well, bulldog attorney quite possibly/likely lacks a good understanding of this area of real property law. Second, and much more importantly, bulldog attorney is very interested in helping you to start by slinging a few arrows; then shooting some bullets; and then dropping a napalm bomb or two on your neighbors. But your neighbors would never do the same to you … right?

You see your attorney and opposing counsel are both there with their cattle prods to keep you headed into conflict. I’m asking you to take a moment and really think this through. What the heck does bulldog attorney care? He or she doesn’t need to live next to your neighbor after all this nonsense is said and done … also the kids have been begging for a sports court and so that’s where the money made off you is going to start to be spent.

Fortunately for you, you have found my blog. I am starting up a clinic to indicate to you that there are several ways to work around the problem you suddenly face. So going forward anything that says “Remedies Clinic” is something you ought to read. If you don’t … well you might as well tell your attorney to skip the idea of a sport court and just have you dig your own grave so deep that you hit clay. Why? Because instead of a sport court for the kids, bulldog attorney wants to have a clay tennis court and after your case is over, guess who – if not dead financially – will be sufficiently indentured to regularly roll it … YOU!

So, instead of letting things get wildly out of hand, why don’t you fill out my initial assessment and we’ll save you that grief. You’re still thinking to yourself: “It’s the principal of the matter.” Guess what … I’m telling you now, you will not be feeling that way a few months down the line. Most people just don’t see suicide as a viable principal. Well, a boundary dispute which goes to court amounts to financial suicide.

Fortunatley, there are other ways to work it out. So, I invite you to explore these peaceful alternatives with me. Cheers!justice-smiles-green.png