I had a fantastic day learning Tableau Software as the first customer of Ben Johnson’s Data Literacy.

So much, that I have to confess I need to sleep on it before returning to much of the data that I had organized with the collaborative aid of my graphic designer using brute force.

It’s clear to me that I did allow myself to get far off course by trying to pursue the law in more traditional means instead of staying focused on getting going with Tableau … it’s just so quick and easy.

In that the day was exhausting and I need to think things through further before posting out more thoughts about our learning sprint, I want to post some additional comments about the website immediately below the line.

The above picture is what I get when I look at my handheld from the side.

I’m not keen on the justice smiles face in the brown to the right of the center.

Since the three menu bars are fully responsive to design in that they will shift to the far left regardless if the phone is held in the most common place way of portrait style as opposed to landscape, the menu should be able to be shifted to the right and the logo to the left instead. One would think that the language “Justice Smiles” could reposition so it is always in the middle.

I looked more at this and realized that a “freaky friday” type color scheme switch to have a contrast of background in the shade of light blue and the selected bar in brown ought to look good.

Gosh, I still think the color with the tree band is odd.

I know that thee branches of the tree to the side without more is weird.

I find myself seeking to justify the rest. It’s weird that I should intellectually think it too all be kookie and then find that it is actually fairly peaceful.

Maybe it is perfect as the line between good and evil for this very reason. I need others to help give their opinion … will you?